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Playing LOUDER

What are some techniques to playing LOUDER, I always seem to play too quiet. I'm in middle school band, and I want to impact the band more. I need to stand out while I'm playing rather than just conducting- be a good influence for my band (I'm the drum major and I suck XD)

Need help finding music... PIANO SOLO

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I have been asked to play for a wedding in 3 weeks (and yes, they just asked HAHA! I agreed because I'm insane).

It's a very small affair, just 20 people attending, but even in this situation I feel the bride and groom deserve the best!

They've given a specific song for their procession but have no idea what they want for their recessional! Their only request is preferably something 'dramatic', but not the typical wedding march.

Upon further questioning I know they have a great love for metal and hard rock as well as for cheesy old classics (Monster Mash LOL), but that's all they've given me. They are trusting me completely to come up with some ideas.

I'm at a loss as I try to figure this one out. Anyone have any ideas for a suitably dramatic piece that would be a triumphant finish to their ceremony? I am willing to purchase music as well, of course, so please don't be limited to free pieces only. My skill level is ... uh, experienced? I guess. I completed Grade 8 RCM and was studying Grade 9 RCM when I had to quit lessons and since then I have played for many an event and have been an accompanist for a 50 man choir for years.

Thank you guys!!! Any ideas/suggestions are welcomed and most appreciated.


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How big/flexible are your hands?

My right hand can stretch an 11th chord 
My left hand can also stretch an 11th chord 
I'll take Au lac de Wallenstadt by Liszt as an example, I can play:
The last chord, which goes as follows:
ab -> eb -> ab -> c 
The very first chord, which goes as follows:
ab -> eb -> c
with my left hand
Measure 70:
eb -> next octave -> ab
(without the grace notes inbetween)
with my right hand

My handspan is approximately 25cm, but I have flexible fingers :D
Now, what about you? ^_^

Too many unnecessary discussions in groups

More than half of the discussions in an average MuseScore group are just about requesting feedback from others or advertising for the own music. In my opinion, this is not what the "Discussions"-function was made for. 
On the one hand, I understand that one wants feedback for his scores. There's nothing more frustrating than having no attention for your scores. 
On the other hand, I find it annoying to scroll through discussions and have nothing else to watch than advertisements. Isn't that what the "Add to group"-function was made for?