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Does anyone know anything about flash drives? I'm really sorry to ask but I'm getting desperate. I accidentally dropped my laptop while my flash drive was still plugged in...laptop's fine, which sucks (because it's worthless and I was looking for a reason to get a new one anyway). But my flash drive is now, quite literally, bent. It lights up in indication that it is connected to the computer, but the computer isn't recognizing it as plugged in.

My flash drive is where I store all of my everything. It has pictures and schoolwork and all the usual stuff on it, but most importantly, it has all of my scores on it (a good hundred of them), it has a couple novels I'm working on (and a bunch of short stories and poetry), it has the scripts and sheet music for plays and musicals I'm working on - including two over-seventy-five-page finished musicals that I've been hoping to workshop. So yeah. In short, it my entire life was all stored on this little hunk of plastic and metal...which in retrospect seems like a bad idea, but I'm that weirdo who doesn't really trust Google Drive.

I do have backups on a desktop computer and another flash drive, but I haven't been able to update it recently, so I'm missing a lot of stuff in the backup locations - they were last updated a month or two ago, and I've done a lot of editing and re-organizing and creating, so barely half of the scores I've created are actually on the backups.

I'm so sorry to put this into this group - I know we're composers, not IT professionals, but I'm just really freaking out. This thing has my life on it. It has all of the scores I wanted to share with you guys on it. It has stories I want to publish, musicals and plays I want to take to Broadway. Everything I have worked hard for for the past three (or more) years is on that flash drive...I'm terrified to lose it. I know this may seem overdramatic, but for me this is really life and death. Without all of these things I have put my heart and my life and my everything into...I don't know what remains.

Does anyone have any advice? I know I'm not asking the right group of people, but I'm desperate. I just don't know what to do.... :'(

Please help me with my problem , i need serious help

 So .... In my latest composition ,i run into a problem ...i want to have diffrent dynamics in the left hand and diffrent in the ritght hand ...i tried to place for example  , p on the ritght hand and f on the  ritght hand ...but both  sound  the same ...i searched the topic on google but  it was in the year 2014 wich means nothing worked for me  now in this version of musescore ...can anyone kindly ?help me <3  

Last Call for MDL 1.1 Suggestions

I'm working on the MDL 1.1 update that I'm trying to get out ASAP.

Curious to see any requests that I might be able to sneak in.

Currently in are:

- Increased volume of all instruments and articulation
- Refined notation standard (a few minor improvements - will release with notation guide)
- Improved templates
- Evened out hits a bit across all instruments/articulations (this will be an ongoing effort)
- Fixed issue with adding accents or articulations to buzz/crush/roll

Cymbals and show style tenors are currently placeholder and will be addressed in a future update. Will be recording new samples (only instruments without custom samples).

The plan is to update MDL moving forward on a regular schedule. After 1.1.0 we should plan to update every weekly for the time being.

So, any urgent requests for 1.1?


Admins, please delete this if you don't want this. But i thought it would be a swell idea. :)

Since this is the 'most active group'. (and with the notion that many others in this group wanted a contest, i have a contest suggestion that I also start now:
Contest Idea: I created a short short short short opening to a piano sonata, and it is the contestants job to finish the piece. Idk who will judge (probably me since i originally made the beginning). The finished score ( this is a purely solo piano piece sorry you orchestrators, not today. :P)  should have added at least 32 measures or more to qualify for this contest. (if it is to tasking, we can always lower it) :). Rules in sum:
1. Must be at least 32 Measures or longer (new measures, not including the ones i made the music on for the intro.)
2. Must incorperate and flow the theme used in the beginning excellently throughout the piece. Variations are obviously highly wanted, and i'd like to see development of it until the end.
3. YOU MUST REFRAIN FROM ORCHESTRATING. (i'm looking at some people i know)
4. Try not to edit the parts i created, those are the 'guidelines' since you will be scored on how the piece connects and transitions etc.
5.In addition to the beginning having to flow, an additional challenge is that you have to have the ending of the piece as I have also created. So you just make the meat flow out of the head, and into the feet.
6. Have fun, and i hope this works out. ;)

If we can get enough people to say: "i'll do it" (5 people at least) maybe we can do this!!!!!!!! Please mods, accept this little contest. :)

Sets order; again

This is less than useful as it is.  I set the order to "by date, oldest first", then looked at it in a non-logged-in browser, and it was in alphabetical order.  I want to control the order in which VISITORS see it, not the order in which I alone see it!   This is worse than it was a year ago.

Splatoon 2 Team members needed: Reliable!

I need serious, reliable team members to play with! Not on a daily basis, but more like once a week! I would be up to talking with anybody about it, but would also like those who share the same morals as I do:

No swearing\crude humor
Serious gameplay (Not to say fun isn't allowed, but I kinda want a competitive team! 😁)

And, I am a Christian, so please keep that in mind! I will respect your beliefs, but will politely disagree if anything goes against my religion.



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Bass Unisons and Crescendo / Decrescendo audio playback

Hi all,

1) Regarding bass drum unison audio playback (F key) for 5 bass drums - For upcoming MDL updates would it be possible to obtain an audio sample of a 5 bass drum unison hit (as opposed to a 6 bass drum line)? When I write battery scores for 5 bass drums and there's a unison hit, you can definitely hear the bottom bass 6 overtone more than drums 1-5 and the pitch is much lower and beefier on #6 than bass 5.

2) I'm having difficulty getting proper audio playback of 1-to-2 measure Crescendo and Decrescendo (from Piano to Forte). Audio play back simply goes from Piano on 1 bar to Forte the next. Any suggestions on how I can fix that?