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This is a super fun game I just remembered cause I read a comment about Mollymawk and remembers that in her Tag Readers United group, we used to play this game!
Basically, I start by saying a word (like donut) and you think of a word that relates to that in some way (dessert). If you need an example you can find one right here ( I wasn't active in that group until later but I enjoyed reading the stuff they would write on there lol
didn't think i'd have to add this since it's a given but you have to wait for someone to respond until you can post another word

Word at a Time

So this is basically the same game we played in RSA.

For those who don’t know, we make a story, but players can only post 1 word /punctuation mark at a time. You can’t post 2 or more consecutive words. Be warned- the story is probably going to get very, very weird...

CHANGE OF RULES: Screw the punctuation rule. Everyone ignored are now allowed to post punctuation marks.

Never Have I Ever

not sure how this will work, but I suppose we can try, right? You say something that you have never done, and people reply saying if they have or haven't.

ok, so here's the order of turns of people currently playing
Myself, then Black Neon, then The supreme shami, Musical Rattlesnake, Astronix 2 Lizante, Emoji Queen
 just jump in if you want, and I will add you back into the order :)

you guys get ten tally marks before your out,
pianodudette: ||||
Black Neon: ||||
Nenchoh Fungus the Aaple user: ||||||
Astronix2: ||||
Lizante: ||
Da Fire Fox:
Emoji Queen:||
Musical Rattlesnake: |

Star Wars Hoth Concert Arrangement (need woodwind feedback)

I know it is long, but I worked on this arrangement for awhile. I know the brass is pretty solid playability wise... but what about woodies? I just need a few woodwind players to confirm that all of the parts are playable by college/professional players. General feedback is also welcome