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Admin Contest #1!

Alright! Here is our first admin contest.

Instead of composing music, you will be writing a 150+ word story combining the images in the links below. Whoever writes the best (and most humorous) story wins! Please make sure that your story is not offensive to anyone in any way and contains no profanity or inappropriate humor. You can post your story in the comments below.

Deadline: December 30 by 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time

Issue about copyright of MuseScore uploading

I'm wondering if one can upload ANY score they want on MuseScore. (because on I've seen tons of scores of pop songs which are of course copyright-perserved)
I have a score that's adapted from a copyright-perserved score which was bought from online shops whom we promised that the score would not be of any commercial usage. After my embellishment the score was used in our choir contest, which is the reason why it's so memorable to us. I really want to upload it on MuseScore so that everyone can see and enjoy the score again, so I'm here to ask whether I can do that. I would very much like to hear from developers or any expert that knows well in this field about copyright. Thousands of thanks to you.