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Favorite Living composers.

Unsuk Chin  ,Donald Martino livied  in boca raton Florida  he  won  aPulitzer  and  he  wrote one of  the  most  important  piano  works of  the last 60  years  pianisso!  Morton Feldman is dead but he  was  truly  great !Brian Ferneyhough,Mike Finnissy ,PerNorgard ,Melinda Wagner ,Carl Vine ,Missy Mazzoli ,NedRorem, Wuorinen are still living.everyday  I  find  some   great work  by  someone  the  previous  day  I  had not  known  Boulez,Huber,Elliott CArter,GiacintoScelsi.Hans Werner Henze died recently .I  am  just  discovering  the  fabulous  composer George Walker  , he is the  first  blackamerican  to win a Pulitzer . Teh  only other two I know are  the jazz  trumpeter  and omposer Marsalis and this pop  phenom who I've yet  to  discover ( I don't  have  time  for pop  music and  all the  other varities of  sound out there! Im to busy I can't  even  sleep  I  have  so much  to  read  and lectures  to  hear  and music  to  discover ! There are too many to ame . Name a country and there  some genius  there  , ten amazing teachers or more who  studiied with  greats and  then  the  dozens  of  driven , ambitious students  who  spend time  hopping  from  one  famous  teacher  so  they  have credentials

Free Realistic Professional Orchestral Synthesization!

So, let's say you compose/arrange orchestral pieces with MuseScore, but you want your music to sound as realistic as possible, and you're on a budget. The best thing you can do within MuseScore is use free soundfonts, and even then, it's not really possible to get true realism from just samples.
That's where I come in.
I'm offering, to anyone who needs it, professional, realistic synthesization of any orchestral score, for no monetary compensation. All I request is some credit on any posts that use the sound file. If you wish to contact me outside of MuseScore or hear samples of this work, my email address is
Thank you!

Musescore 2.3.1 - problems

I tried to install the update and my system crashed twice. I then got the message "This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way" and to contact Musescore.  I have tried to access the program by loading existing scores and it manages to do that but then crashes again. I have had to uninstall the update but now cannot access anything Musescore related. Any help anyone?

Piano Duet

Hi I'm Kassidy-Rose. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in learning some piano duets through Skype. I have the following duets:
•Chariots Of Fire (from the Feature Film CHARIOTS OF FIRE)
•The Entertainer (featured in the Motion Picture THE STING)
•Theme From “Jurassic Park” (from the Universal Motion Picture JURASSIC PARK)
•My Father's Favorite (from SENSE AND SENSIBILITY)
•My Heart Will Go On (Love Theme From 'Titanic') (from the Paramount and Twentieth Century Fox Motion Picture TITANIC)
•Somewhere In Time (from SOMEWHERE IN TIME)
•Star Trek(R) The Motion Picture (Theme from the Paramount Picture STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE)
•You Must Love Me (from the Cinergi Motion Picture EVITA)
I recently completed my Grade 7 Piano Exam and received a High Distinction (A+)
Please let me know if you would like to learn some, I can send you the sheet music

Help with lower C#

Hi guys!

My daughter (11) has been really struggling with lower C# on her alto sax - she can play lower C and lower D nice and strong with any dynamics and articulation, but somehow the C# is a hit-or-miss affair for her. Her teacher suggested relaxing the embouchure a bit and putting more mouthpiece in, but it didn't seem to help much. Any suggestions will be much appreciated, but please note I am not a musician and I do not play any instrument myself so as plain English as possible, please. :-)
Also, any exercises you'd recommend? We've been trying interlaced scales (C, C#, D, C#, E, C#, etc.) and simple tunes so far.



Was der deutsche Michel will...

Foto: Whitehouse
...gibt ihm nur das Grokodil. Und natürlich unsere Medien, die der Wahrheit verpflichtet sind und nichts als der Wahrheit. Meinungsmache? Ach i wo, so etwas betreiben bekanntlich nur Verschwörungstheoretiker. Und natürlich alle Feinde, die uns, der besten aller vorstellbaren demokratischen Welten schaden wollen. Qualitativ hochwertiger Journalismus dagegen beschränkt sich in erster Linie auf die Darstellung von Tatsachen. Er blendet alles aus, was auf reinen Spekulationen beruht und ist selbstverständlich immer darauf bedacht, eine ausgewogene Darstellung aller Positionen anzubieten. Das unterscheidet ihn ja gerade von der staatlich kontrollierten Berichterstattung in autokratischen Systemen. Diese Eigenwahrnehmung ist angesichts der sozialen, politischen und journalistischen Alternativlosigkeit nicht nur 

Das ist die Basis, auf der sich die politischen und sozialen Verhältnisse hier in den letzten 20 - 30 Jahren entwickelt haben. In jedem Fall scheint es aber das zu sein, was der deutsche Michel will...

Unable to update and upload my scores.

This problem have occurred to me since yesterday, when I discovered I couldn't upload and update some of my scores.

Yesterday, I have tried to update my second etude, but for some reason, the score is processing for ages (over 12 hours at the moment I am typing this discussion). The score is still not being displayed. It is important to note that I have no problem updating this score before. 
(My second etude:

Today, I have tried to update my Fantasie Sentimentale, I am not able to do so. After clicking the "enter" button, nothing has happened. So, I have experimented to upload the same file as a new score. However, instead of taking me to the processing screen, I was automatically directed to "my scores" page, and my new score wasn't showing up! Although the file size of this score is quite large (only a little smaller than 2Mb), I don't think this is the problem of the file size because I had no problem uploading this score before, and I didn't get the "Your file is to big" message at the uploading page.
(Fantasie Sentimentale:

I am aware that Musescore have been using a new upload system after 16th July, and all my problems only have been occurring after that date. So I am wondering does the new system has anything to do with this? I am using Musescore 2.0.X, so do you guys think that the new uploading system disfavours older versions of Musescore?

I have posted this already on Improving, and I have no response yet. So I am positing here to see if anyone of you have encountered the same problem.

I really need feedback on Europe

After the first version of Europe I realized that ,like many comments said, it did not sound very European. I did a lot of research for this next draft. I started the second draft from scratch and it has nothing that it borrows from the first one. I put an Irish Jig, a soft ballad to symbolize the European mountains and the beautiful area Europe has, and a Spanish March. This took a while and A LOT of research. Please give feedback and comment ideas for this piece or past/future pieces of "The World"