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How old are you?

I know this is a little personal! I know we have a lot of different age groups, some in high school, and some 16,teens, and grown ups! I will tell you my age, but you’ll think I’m too young to be here, and too young to be in charge of some groups! I’m 11 years old, in 6th grade, and some of you know that I’m in a relationship, but who cares if I’m too young(my younger sister that’s who!) You don’t have to share your age here if you don’t want to!

Current state of film music

Hello guys!
I wanted to talk about this topic for some while so I decided to write this
Nowadyas it seems like most big movies copy the Hans Zimmer style of epic brass, string ostinatos, war drums and pretty simple colour and harmony
Of course it sounds great and makes for good film scores but I feel like that symphonic style of hollywood scores, that made classics like Star Wars or pretty much every Sergio Leone film the giants they are now, is fading away
My favorite film composer is John Williams and I love his scores, not only because they sound great but also because his pieces use the orchestra to it´s limits
This is something modern film scores are kind of lacking
At least that´s my personal experience so I could be wrong about everything^^
Please let me know what you think!

Riddle Game!

Basically, I'm being a copy-cat. Only thing different from the one in RSA and this one, is this is for riddles only. 
So, for those of you who don't know the rules, I will try to explain. There will be 10 riddles per round. If you answer a riddle correctly, you will get a point! You are allowed to guess as many times as you want. The person that has the most points by the end of the round, wins that round! 
Also, only Phia and I will post the riddles. Please, do not try to post your own because I will delete them. If you want to post riddles, you must do it in a different discussion. 
Thank you! 

I feel that this might be true for me

I feel that I might be that guy who will hurt someone until they're almost dead, then save them and heal them and give them love, then leave them alone for a while. Then when I get mad again, I do it all over again.

I feel that... it's like a cold rage creeping through the muscles of my back, as if I could grow in size and release all the power in them.......

And that my mood and rage depends immediately on the song I'm listening to.

A song for Pennywise makes me feel above, but "Earth" by Lil Dicky makes me feel kind

Rezession kostete mehr als $ 500 auf ein Kleid heute

 Für die meisten Menschen heute, ist es lächerlich, wegen der wirtschaftlichen Rezession kostete mehr als $ 500 auf ein Kleid heute. Wer weiß, dass nur die Ehe ist wie eine teure Anlass Kleider und so billig Brautjungfer sind immer in der großen Nachfrage in der heutigen Zeit.

Lilac Brautjungfer Kleider sind chic romantischen Trend in diesem Jahr. Wenn Sie wirklich wollen, um in dieser einladenden Farbe Weg zu gehen, wenn es um Kleider geht für Ihre Brautjungfern, sind Sie in der Existenz einiger Mode lila Brautjungfer Kleider unter 100 glauben? Nun, meine Antwort ja.

Wenn es um Einkaufen für ein Ehrenplatz billig Licht lila Brautjungfer Kleid online angeboten wird, von dem Stereotyp, dass Designer-Kleid Stile sind teuer loszuwerden! Es ist auch ein Vergnügen, die meisten Verbraucher warnten ihre Kleider online. Fast jedes Kleid Shop führt eine reiche Sammlung von Kleider von verschiedenen Farben und Stilen, natürlich, lila Brautjungfer Kleider sind enthalten. Alles, was Sie tun müssen, ist ein paar Klicks: Wählen Sie einen zuverlässigen Speicher, guten Stil und erhalten Sie Ihre gewünschte Farbe. Die reichliche Versorgung mit verschiedenen Brautjungfernkleider lila Ehre können Sie einfach einkaufen. In den Laden gehen mit klaren Bildern 
, detaillierten Beschreibungen, der Service freundlich und Kundenpolitik versandkostenfrei und frei Verschiffen zurück, auch im Fall, dass Sie sie nicht täuschen. Allerdings wird eine ganze Spar dieses Risiko auszugleichen. 

Andrew asked me to post this...information...

"I have recently come back from a trip and realized that my primary account “Andrew Kinne” was no longer under my control. At first I was not concerned as I thought I just forgot the pass word. But then it came to my attention that the account had been messaging without me knowing. Basically I have this issue where some creepy stalker follows me around the internet and somehow hacks my accounts. I did manage to get back onto the account to save my music, but he changed my password again. I remembered the issue with musixfox so I decided to delete the account so none of you would get hurt because someone had control of my account. I just want to start over, if you ever had a conversation with that account and aren’t sure what was him and what was me just pm me the details and I will tell you what was not me. Also I am not those pictures, they are some poor kid that this guy posts in order to get people to trust him. If you have any questions just pm this account. And if you notice any suspicious activity just block this account to as I would rather be safe than sorry. I will be gone as I am stressed over this so I may take a week or to of break so if I am gone that’s why. Cheers, and have a good day."
His account name is Tycavius.

Note: Also, those of you who are involved in this situation, feel free to PM me with questions. I can enlighten you further, if you want to be...