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What do I do?

So I like this boy, and first things first, I'm a boy to(we're both 9th grades), and I want to tell him I like him him but I don't know how and when and time is running out because he likes this girl which means hes not gay, which is fine because I'm not too but he's made a move with her and they're not dating but he acts kinda gay sometimes which means he may be bi and he may have been sending signals but I'm not sure because I don't know a single thing about flirting and I want to tel him but I don't know how or when except that I just want to tell him so he knows not to date him so what do I do?
P.S. I do know this is a music community but I mean hey, beggars can't be choosers.
P.P.S No hate please this is 2018 almost 2019.
P.P.P.S. Don't make me feel more like an idiot. Please

Poll (which is your fav?)

I was thinking about doing a poll every once and awhile to see which is the favorite work out of the 4 I choose.

And probably in category, the first with me primarily being a singer! Will be vocal works of course.

Here are the first 4 choices:

A) Exultate Jubliate (0 votes)

B) Kyrie - Mass No. 17 (2 vote)

C) Commendatore - Don Giovanni (0 votes)

D) come scoglio - Cosi fan Tutte (0 votes)

I know 3 of four were soprano parts, but they are some of his best. And I left his most popular out as to get a fair survey. And to maybe give you all a chance to know his works more!

Tell me if you like the idea of polls?