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List (Version 2)

Spanish Romance / ???

Greensleeves / ??? (Believed to be composed by Henry VIII)

Asturias / Albéniz - SaltedAlmonds

Arabesque / Bürgmuller - Or Vaitzman
Innocence / Bürgmuller - Or Vaitzman
Pastorelle / Bürgmuller - Or Vaitzman

Invention No.4 in D minor / Bach - Or Vaitzman
Prelude BWV 846 / Bach

Hungarian Dance No.4 / Brahms
Hungarian Dance No.5 / Brahms
Symphony No.1, Finale / Brahms

The Knitters / Couperin

Liebestraum No.3 / Franz Liszt - Or Vaitzman
Rákóczi March, Hungarian Rhapsody No.15 / Franz Liszt

A garland of nightshade / Hans Jacobi
√ A hot air balloon........Neighborhood / Hans Jacobi - Romain Gandillet
A rest home for cows / Hans Jacobi
Canzona / Hans Jacobi
Fog Waves / Hans Jacobi - Romain Gandillet + Or Vaitzman
 Late summer night........a Lonley Spider / Hans Jacobi - Romain Gandillet
Lonely White Chair / Hans Jacobi
Pastorelle / Hans Jacobi - Romain Gandillet

Canon in D / Johann Pachelbel - Romain Gandillet

Confidence / Mendelsshon
Violin Concerto in E minor, Movement 1 / Mendelssohn - Or Vaitzman

Sinfonia Concertante, Andante / Mozart
Turkish Ronde / Mozart - Romain Gandillet

24 Caprices / Niccolo Paganini - SaltedAlmonds
La Campanella, Rondo from 2nd Violin Concerto / Niccolo Paganini  - Or Vaitzman

Dance Of The Knights / Prokofiev

Flight Of The Bumblebee / Rimsky-Korsakov - Or Vaitzman

Largo from Concerto in G / Telemann

Top-50 jazz sax players

Came across the list of "top 50 greatest jazz saxophone players of all time", thinking that the list is quite good. But I would place Pharoah Sanders at list in the Top-5 (he is in the end of the list, but, in my opinion, that's not right), for me he is one of the best ;Ornette Coleman was really great as well. What you guys think about the list and what changes would you make in it? 

Lets write a story..

I don't know how well this is gonna work, but we should give it a try ight? Anywhoodle, so the game works by a group of people sitting in a circle, and writing a story, one word at a time.
To better explain, I say one word, another person says another word, [not just nouns, we're talking grammatically correct word placement] and it turns into a sentence. This sentence proceeds to have a spontaneous plot and is usually quite entertaining.

Lets see how this works.