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MuseScore iOS App ver.2.1.0

Sorry guys but I don’t know what this developers are doing with this app. Since the last update I have a lot of trouble with the network. Further, after deleting and reinstalling all the sheet music which where stored in the songbook are gone, which means that I have to download them one by one again.

Also the rendering of the sheet music after zooming in has still some bugs. Sometimes the staffs are sometimes anywhere on the page or only one bar line per page is displayed an than it goes to the next page.
Even sometimes after a repeat the measures don’t compare with the audio output.

The bug reports getting completely ignored which isn’t a good behavior in my opinion.

Fix the issues and make this app usable again because bevore the major update it was a very good app for musicians but now it becomes more and more worst and the next step from my site that I will report this app to apple. Because it took already enough time where I couldn’t use this app as I expected