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Today, I was at the top of my game; I felt great and everything. Then I get home. I instantly got a terrible headache and some awful fatigue. I soon acquire a fever of 102°. I can’t do my homework at all. About an hour ago, I had a friccin nasty nosebleed.
Of course I have an essay due tomorrow.

New MuseScore iOS freemium app

Hi. 2 days ago a new MuseScore app was released.
To avoid duplicate information, this release is essentially the same as Android:

At this moment we know about a few issues in the new App and we will fix it asap. My personal apologies for any incovenience. =(

In order to have a consistent list of the top issues I'll write them here. If you want to add something, please don't hesitate to add information in the comments.

0. Users who bought the app before have no access to the paid functions. 
Our goal is not to collect more money from existing customers. If you logged in in the previous app you have access after login. If not, you can use the "restore" button on the paid layout (we will add this button to the "settings" page in the next release).

1. On iPad 2 scores are playing, but not viewing properly.
We are working on it.

2. Migration issue: after the update, some users lost their scores in the Songbook. 
At the moment we can't reproduce this issue. Any additional information can help us to isolate this issue. If you are having this issue, let us know which device and OS version that is the source of lost scores.

3. Some users can't export to songbook. 
We also can't reproduce this issue. If anybody has this problem, please write me directly on the facebook messenger ( ) or by email at

4. "Share files" functionality on iTunes
We are working on a fix.

5. Sorting in the Songbook and favorites lists. Before the update it was alphabetical but now it's ordered by adding date.
We are also working on a fix.

Generations of MuseScore

I know that there are a lot of peeps on MuseScore, some old and new, and I thought it would be fun to see what generation everyone is from.

I don't know if I have this right, but has been around since 2011? Dat right? So I guess 2011 would consist of 1st gen. late 2011-early 12 would be 2nd gen, late 2012- early 13 is 3rd gen and late 2013- early 14 is 4th gen. WHAT GENERATION ARE YOU FROM? XD


I've noticed for the past few months that there have been hubs on the website that host content specific to a certain genre or musical instrument. I was wondering how you are supposed to get your music into the categories...

For instance I have a lot of film arrangements but I can never find anything that I've made in these hubs. I don't know if it's a tag related thing or what. I like the idea behind these though, I'm glad we are not restricted to just groups.

RSA Collaboration Variations composition

I finally have the theme for the collab, so you guys can post your variations into this discussion. I'll explain some rules:
1. Variations are ONLY for solo piano.
2. You can do whatever you want with the melody as long as it sounds at least somewhat like the original theme. You can change the key, time signature, tempo, etc. You can even change the melody a bit (like a fantasia).
3. You can make your variation any difficulty as long as it doesn't look like a black MIDI. I would prefer playable, but if your composing style isn't very playable, then it's still fine.

Can't think of any more rules at the moment. To submit your variation, just upload it onto your account and put the link to it in this discussion. I'll collect everyone's variations and arrange them in some order. You have until October 7, 2018 to put a link of your composition here.

Here's the original theme (and the simplified melody if you have trouble with finding the melody):