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Hiii, One moment please!!!

Hi ^^ read :

Before, to make it clear and not to create confusion: I know almost nothing about music, much less harmony, so forgive me. I'm just a kid wanting to do something cool. I would appreciate it if you would leave tips and suggestions.

About the idea: I'm going back to my homeland, so I decided to do some work on it (even though I have no idea what I'm doing). I started doing this project today, and I intend to take it for a week, until it is complete. I want you to accompany him with me. For now, is this ...

"I don't know what i'm doing and it's the not knowing that makes it interesting". - Philip Glass

What is your opinion on "slow music"

I'm not talking about music that drags, but slow music in general. 

As a writer, I find that it becomes easier to build up to a climax over several minutes if the tempo is slow and I start soft and with little movement at a slower tempo, and programmatically it makes my life easier.

As a listener, assuming the piece doesn't drag or lose context, I find slow parts to be a nice change of pace, or very theoretically intriguing as the information flow is not slow to me. Motific development and context are still very important no matter the tempo to me.

And i'm not biased to songs that have a huge variety of chords. if you can write a slow piece well with only 1 chord, i'm all over that.

However, I find that people don't like to stick around when the music is slow, even if it means clicking through and inevitably getting lost and losing interest (due to possibly a lack of understanding of the motific context that was created in the slower section). I also oddly find that people will sit through these sections in very well-known pieces more-so than a piece that they have yet to hear about.

I understand that this can be mathimatically justified but i want to know more about why.
What is your experience with slow sections and pieces of which you are new to?

Count until a Pro user comments

Inspired the game over at MAL (, let's count upwards and see how far we can go until a count breaker (listed below) comments and makes us start over.
(The title is kept for historical significance. Count breakers were Pro users with 200+ followers in Season 1)

- A player may only post once every 24 hours** or after another player has posted, whichever comes first
- A post by a count breaker (listed below) restarts the count (that post is 0)
- The count must go up in order (no missing numbers)
- A counter who holds the last post of a run of at least 10 becomes a place holder
- A counter can only hold one place at a time. If they win a run that is higher than their record on the board, their record is updated; otherwise, the run is ignored and not placed.***
- Top 3 place holders become count breakers next season
- The season restarts every 12 pages
- A run is allowed to spill into the next season, up to a maximum of one page. The new count breakers start as soon as the count is broken or when the count reaches the second page, whichever comes first.*

* Introduced in Season 3
** Introduced in Season 6
*** Introduced in Season 7

As a courtesy, if your post is wrong because someone posted before you, edit your post instead of deleting it.

Current Season: Season 7
Next Season: Page 85

Count breakers for Season 7:
- @Kenobiingondolin2019 
- @mnmwert 
- @tPenguinLTG 

Example (* means a count breaker):
1. A: 1
2. B: 2
3. C: 3
4. D*: 0
5. C: 1
6. E*: 0 :P
7: A: 1
... and so on.

Records for Season 7 (records start at 10):
1. lizzapie, 47:
2. Agate817, 17:
3. MusicalCrystal714, 14:
4. Chrono_Aran_Belmont_Schala_Promotheus_Ashtear_Dragneel, 12:
5. Rebecca Y, 12:

All-time record: 630, mike320 (Season 4):

Records for Season 1:
Records for Season 2:
Records for Season 3:
Records for Season 4:
Records for Season 5:
Records for Season 6:

I'll start: 1

Summer Competition!

Hey guys!! I might as well start our summer comp, so here it goes!


must be submitted by July 15th 

- 1 submission per person
- no longer than 10 minutes and no shorter than 1 minute
- must be ORIGINAL
- it can be for any type of ensemble you can think of from solo Piano to Saxophone,     Viola and Harp ;P

(I haven't decided on how I'll do the judging yet, but once completed, hopefully it won't take me long to get the results out :D)

now go make some music!!!! :D

Star of Indiana / Brass Theatre / Blast!

Seems Star of Indiana / Brass Theatre / Blast! does not get near the attention it should in this community.

Star had such an incredible horn line (2 valve G horns for the entire run???) and Jim Prime's arrangements were excellent.

Wondering if anyone here ever had the chance to see them live?

Here is a medley of various Star charts -

Group Search Doesn't Work

The group search returns nothing, even for sanity check queries where you'd think it would return at least one group. None of these return anything, for example:

You can't even find this group by searching for any word in its name.

This will get annoying to get around for all users who want to join and/or post scores for generalized groups (woodwinds, band, anime, etc.) I've tried getting around this by searching for the group topic I want (e.g. "woodwind") and joining groups that show up in scores in the search results, but this is a pretty inefficient process, as not every score on the first page of results is a member of any group.

I'm failing to find results on Windows 10 in Firefox, if that matters.

Re: Study Music Project 3: All-Nighter

Ever Eternity 
Finished by jtvatsim
Save My Dreams
Being transcribed by TNTErick
Rainy Nights, Rainy Days

Crystal Rose
Finished by jtvatsim
Moon Among Trees
Waltz Into Love 
Finished by Hoang Quon
Another Dimension

Mocha Latte

Falling Petals

Water Lily

Sweet Saturn
Finished by jtvatsim
Just in a Dream
Sincerely Yours

Reminiscence (Coffee Version)

Reminiscence (Tea Version)


released April 7, 2013 by Dennis Kuo @Study Music Project


So, here's the thing. I want to write for piano, but when I try, all of my ideas like fly away. Like "Oh, you betrayed orchestra for THAT thing? We're on strike!" But when I write for orchestra, I have ideas. Any ideas on how to get better at writing for piano?

DLB Rules Overview

Hey Folks,

As you think about Writing for DrumLine Battle, there's a few rules you'll want to keep in mind:

1. Basically Any Instrument is OK as long as you can carry it on and carry it off. No 23 Octave Marimbas on wheels. 

2. There are restrictions on power sources, but guitars and basses with Amps can be used.

3. The performance time needs to be between 90 seconds and 120 seconds. (min half to two minutes).

So, get creative and let's get some music written!



Yellow Team, as you received the lowest score in the last round, you'll be competing this time to try and save your spot in the competition. The person with the lowest score this time will be going home :(

I wanted to keep the brief quite simple for this round, so that you would be able to focus on the quality of your entry. Here it is:
        1) Your piece must use predominantly 'rare' instruments (ocarina, wagner tuba, steel drums, viola di gamba, etc.)
        2) You can use some more popular/mainstream instruments as well, but try to focus on the rare ones.
        3) Your piece must be at least one minute long, but no more than six.

The deadline is the 10th of July. This isn't far away, so get working as soon as possible. Good luck!!