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New Musescore for IOS User

I bought an iPad and installed the Musescore App 2.1.1. And I wonder, like others, what the point of this app is. Everything it offers you can get via the web interface in much better quality. And the big feature, the songbook doesn't reproduce pictures that you have integrated into your scores as an eye catcher or to support the message of the song. Instead, the font for the lyrics is displayed quite differently, which means that all hyphens are shifted in word separations by half a line.
Change the volume of the instruments? No way! Doesn't work for me. The only thing that works is to mute or solo.  And why can't you edit your scores with this app?
As it is, the only advantage is to play songs offline on the iPad. Since you are online most of the time anyway, the web interface offers much better possibilities.

Score Navigation Online Fails On Some Scores

I'm on Firefox on Windows 10, and now the pause button doesn't work while a score is playing. I can click on measures and the "pink block" jumps to where I click (and the "time elapsed" stops at where I clicked), but the audio does not respect that and continues on regardless. The reset ("|<") button is also non-functional in the same fashion. The only way I can stop or otherwise interrupt the audio is when the piece finishes playing or when I refresh. The problem persists regardless of audio source. In fact, on affected scores, the Synthesizer audio source also refuses to provide sound.

UPDATE: I've found that scores not for solo instruments still function normally (e.g. , ). Scores like , , and (the last 2 are for solo non-piano yet bring up the piano keyboard as an option) are affected.

Count until a Pro user comments

Inspired the game over at MyAnimeList (, let's count upwards and see how far we can go until a count breaker (listed below) comments and makes us start over.
(The title is kept for historical significance. Count breakers were Pro users with 200+ followers in Season 1)

- A player may only post once every 24 hours** or after another player has posted, whichever comes first
- A post by a count breaker (listed below) restarts the count (that post is 0)
- The count must go up in order (no missing numbers)
- A counter who holds the last post of a run of at least 10 becomes a place holder
- A counter can only hold one place at a time. If they win a run that is higher than their record on the board, their record is updated; otherwise, the run is ignored and not placed.***
- Top 3 place holders become count breakers next season
- The season restarts every 12 pages
- A run is allowed to spill into the next season, up to a maximum of one page. The new count breakers start as soon as the count is broken or when the count reaches the second page, whichever comes first.*

* Introduced in Season 3
** Introduced in Season 6
*** Introduced in Season 7

As a courtesy, if your post is wrong because someone posted before you, edit your post instead of deleting it.

Current Season: Season 9
Next Season: Page 109

Count breakers for Season 9:
- @Astronix2
- @mnmwert
- @Kenobiingondolin2019 (@Kenobunny)

Example (* means a count breaker):
1. A: 1
2. B: 2
3. C: 3
4. D*: 0
5. C: 1
6. E*: 0 :P
7: A: 1
... and so on.

Records for Season 9 (records start at 10):
1. lizzapie, 77:
2. NenchohFungus42, 37:
3. Aqueous Humourati, 26:
4. VGA, 14:

All-time record: 630, mike320 (Season 4):

Records for Season 1:
Records for Season 2:
Records for Season 3:
Records for Season 4:
Records for Season 5:
Records for Season 6:
Records for Season 7:
Records for Season 8:

I'll start: 1


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