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Hey, all!

So, I’m not a teacher YET. But I really want to be one. But where do you even start when teaching younger kids piano? Sight reading? Cords? Showing them the notes on the piano? Do things that get them really interested in it first? What do you do? 😅

Can’t edit discussions with my iPhone

I’ve never been able to do this on my phone, but it’s gotten to the point where I’m irritated with it.
Is it just a glitch? Because whenever I hit the “edit” to edit a discussion I made, nothing happens. Just, nothing happens at all. I can do it just fine on my computer, but with my phone, it just does nothing. If it’s just like that for phones, can we please be able to edit discussions with a phone?

Sheet Music Fail

I recently was playing a song on the piano. The piano didn't have something to hold the sheet music, so we used kitchen knives to hold the sheet music. In the middle of the song, the vibration of the piano caused the kitchen knives to fall off the piano, hitting the keys with a lot of racket, my sheet music fell off, and I stopped playing. I was so embarrassed, but I had to call someone to come hold my sheet music because nobody seemed to notice that I had stopped playing.


Remember that Huge Transcription Book project from months ago? We'd better continue to work on it some day ;)

For MrBobbyGuy who hasn't known this : basically different MuseScorers publish their transcriptions of famous songs and compositions, whether they're on MuseScore or not. It can be anything (medieval, classical, contemporary, you name it) We then put them in a huge book for everyone to see :D