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DaKook Remix Competition Returns!

Hello, folks! I would like to introduce to you a new series of DRC! I may change some of the rules, but let's keep it fair:
1. Always use common sense. This applies to anything you do regarding the competition.
2. Remix, arrangement, whatever, anything will be accepted. Keep in mind, though, that the remix factor is still a factor!
3. Maximum length of 5 minutes. This excludes looping; that means the song can be 4:59 and then loop back to the beginning.
4. Be sure to put a link to the original and any other piece you referred to in the description. I don't know every song, and I need to be able to compare the remix with the original.
5. You may only use free soundfonts, but please give credit for any soundfonts you use other than the default soundfont.
6. Plagiarism is unacceptable. Give credit when you need to. Also, don't use someone else's score without permission.

I hope you read all the rules. I try to give you as much freedom as possible. In which case, this first new competition...

Has no theme! Remix whatever, however, anything will be accepted. Be sure to focus on...
REMIXING your score. You will get more points if your score has a lot of original work in it. However, don't stray from the original so much that it isn't a remix!
MAKING IT SOUND GOOD. I won't criticize you for the default sounds. However, do your best to make the audio sound great. Good volume mixing can give you a few extra points, but it may be too much trouble.
Making it PLAYABLE. I can accept super fast violin, or flute, or most any instrument, but I don't want pitch bends on pianos or unplayable guitar sections.
Making it LOOK GOOD. I'm no expert at sheet music, but don't put a note on 23 ledger lines, and don't let the instruments go down off the bottom of the page.
And DO AWESOME STUFF. You can get bonus points for doing particularly amazing things, like adding in part of another song cleverly.

The event will end September 28, 2018. I will judge the submissions as soon as I can after that. You may submit any time from now to then. To submit, do at least one of these:
- Add your score to the group AND include (DRC) or the like in the title.
- Post a link in this discussion with a clear intention to submit it to this competition. I will reply to tell you I have received it.
- Post a link or upload the MuseScore file to DaKook Village with clear intention to submit it to this competition. I will let you know when I receive it.

All scores should end up downloaded on my computer at judging time. If you change your submission, be sure to let me know.


Plan of crucial releases. UPD: 2.0.3 has been released.


A few days ago we released a new version of the MuseScore Songbook app. Unfortunately, we made a few mistakes in the process and, as a result, we released the app without the opportunity to revert back the previous version.

This is a failure on our part, and I sincerely express my apology for this mistake.

At the moment the entire MuseScore mobile team is working on a fix. To make the process more clear and transparent in the future, I'd like to share plans for the next releases to give you an idea where we are headed and what to expect.

Version 2.0.3 - Released on September, 20th
- Fix "Send copy to MuseScore" from email/dropbox/etc
- Fix score view on iPAD
- Add "background verification" of orders: If a user bought the paid Songbook app, after application launch, they should have immediate access to all paid functionality (now users must manually enable using the "restore" button)
- Ultra Crucial: Scores with 4+ instruments view
- Mixer will not retain parts volume settings. It remembers metronome settings and parts visibility, but parts volume settings return to default levels as soon as the Mixer is closed
- Add localization for Italian, Russian, German, Japanese and possibly other languages.
- Fix top crash issue
- Implement unauthenticated mode
- The user should never be logged-out after login unless manually logging out.

Version 2.0.4 - in progress

- In horizontal-view pressing on "zoom" button rotate to the vertical view.
- Implement compatibility with "Share files" service in iTunes.
- Add "pre-counter" feature to the metronome.
- Add sort order and search to "My Scores", "Songbook", and "Favorites" screens.

P.S. We can move some tasks between versions.