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Cuphead fan based medley

 Hello everyone! @realrandynewman and I are doing this very fun cuphead  pastiche medley. So how this works is everyone makes one piece based on  the big band jazz from cuphead. This can either be a plane battle piece a  run and gun or a regular boss battle. We need at least 7 people to  complete the medley. Each piece must have a rhyming name like "Wolly  warbles in aviary action" or "eartha earthquake in jungle rumble". When  your done Randy will fix the pieces up and put it in the medley. Put a  comment saying what the name of your piece will be and get our piece up  in the next 3 weeks and you can be in the medley!

Have a good day! 

Hi everyone!

Hi, everyone, I'm relatively new on MuseScore and I just joined this group. I love music and photography and I have been doing both for several years. I play piano by ear, although I can read notation. I just got a new camera in February, a Nikon D500. It's really cool. And it doesn't have an Auto mode; only AV, TV, P, and Manual. (I shoot in Manual). I really like taking photos of birds, but anything in the outdoors will do. You can see my best stuff at I'm really glad to be a member of the ONLY photography group on MuseScore. I have a few questions though: are we supposed to upload scores here, or just discuss things? And if we upload scores, to they have to have a photo cover? And what about competitions and stuff like that? 

Where is everyone?????

I joined musescore a while back and everything was booming. Tons of people posting on groups and so on. 
Now all of a sudden, everything just stopped.....
I look up past people I knew, and they're gone. Their pages aren't showing up, and if they do, their scores are missing. I've only been gone a couple of months.
Does anyone know what's going on?

Anyone see any cool birds lately?

I went with my brother to a community forest forty minutes away and saw some neat birds, including three new life birds. Ashy Wood Pigeon, Large Hawk Cuckoo, and Long-billed Thrush.

And I got a cool photo of a Gray-headed Canary Flycatcher: