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Check out my Mozart Arrangement

This is my first full Mozart arrangement. I plan to do multiple more(maybe even all 18 Mozart sonatas). But this is his Piano Sonata in C minor. All 3 movements are there. Here is the link if you want to listen to it:

I found it perfectly fit for a trio, so I arranged it for a string trio. As for the triple and quadruple stops in the rondo. I put in arpeggio signs and then immediately made them invisible. So it will look like chords, but it will sound arpeggiated, which is the way a violinist would actually play a triple or quadruple stop. The cadenzas in the second movement, I wrote using the tuplet method and then simply making the numbers invisible so that it would look like any old cadenza. So don't be tripped by the feedback of those cadenzas, it isn't like how it would be played by real performers. 

Did I write anything impossible? Did I write anything difficult for the player and that could be changed to be easier while still getting across Mozart's intentions? Are the octave double stops that I wrote, hard for the players(yes, every instrument has some octave double stops)? 

Stand tune medley

My band director said that if I can make a we ready/call out/ Iron man medley, and it sounds good, we will play it as a stand tune. I have written chorales and warm ups for our band, and I feel like i'm fairly accomplished at the high school level, but this task seems to be harder than i'm used to. ANy advice or takers for the challenge? I can send you scores of the pieces individually 

Check out my Minuet

I composed an entire minuet in just a few minutes. It is way better than my first minuet(I never even finished that one, it was so bad), but I still might need to make some changes, particularly to the B section. I used motives to both intensify the B section as it moves to F major and to de-intensify it as it moves back to Bb major. Overall, it is in rounded binary form, which is typical for minuets. Here's the link:

What do you think of my minuet? Does it need any changes? If so, what changes? I tried to stay in the Baroque style, thus the melody and countermelody, but should I have an ending chord to both confirm that it is the ending and make the number of bars even? That would leave me with a bit of a coda to my minuet, which isn't typical.