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What’s one piece of advice you’d like to give to aspiring composers?

Rely on live performances rather than Musescore audio playback.

I noticed that a lot of Musescore composers I’ve come across on this site do this a lot when they’re trying to figure out what “sounds good”, when in reality it may not sound like you would expect when you actually perform it in front of people (or yourself). I know this may be obvious to most of you since we know the default soundfont provided by Musescore clearly isn’t perfect. But at the same time many beginner composers seem to forget that classical music is based on the experience of actual musicians and not a machine (unless you are generating your score/sheet music on your computer). Ultimately, your music could sound good in Musescore, but could sound terrible live. Same goes for the other way around. If you're going to be a well-rounded composer, whether you're doing it professionally or for fun, then always base your judgements on performances, no matter what the audio playback sounds like.

There’s many benefits to this: 1) you’d get to know the performer through their strengths and weaknesses based on their live performances, 2) you’re able to tell which instruments blend together and which stand out the most, 3) you have sources of inspiration for your compositions in case you’re on composer's block.

Note: You don’t have to give a long speech behind your advice haha. But if you want to, go ahead if it helps future composers.

Daily Challenge Group! Join now and become a better composer!

This group is to challenge all of you to try writing a short 8 measure hymn like (4 part harmony using grand staff) piece each day throughout the school year! This will help you grow in many ways as a composer, for you will learn how to train your ear to create 4 part harmonies that sound beautiful, you will become a more creative yet structured composer, and you will learn how to break out of composers block!

Review process - paused during August

Your reviewer will be unavailable for the rest of August, but he will be working on reviews again as from the start of September.

Meanwhile, the Allocation sheet will still be monitored and updated almost every day.  So please continue to claim works for transcription and to request a review, by adding a Comment on the Allocation sheet:

Votre relecteur ne sera pas disponible pour le reste du mois d’août, mais il travaillera de nouveau sur les révisions à partir du début septembre.

Pendant ce temps, la feuille de répartition sera toujours surveillée et mise à jour presque tous les jours. Continuez donc à réclamer des œuvres pour la transcription et à demander une révision en ajoutant un commentaire sur la feuille d'attribution:

Emoji Code

So, I've been bored, and been trying to make emoji code to make a meaning.

E.g. We've been reading a book called Watership Down, so I put:
(Water, Ship, Down)

Or To Kill A Mockingbird:
(To, Kill, A, Mocking, Bird)
Tho it may look like To Kill A Laughing Bird  XD

What's yours?

What's your Hogwarts House?

i've taken the test many times and i'm usually ravenclaw or slytherin (but usually ravenclaw). i used to be hufflepuff instead of slytherin, but i  c h a n g e d.

what about you guys?
(alternate question too- what's your greek/roman parent in percy jackson? mine is apollo because i too am a dumbass who cares too much about poetry and music and stuff)
here's a quiz with the pottermore questions if you haven't taken it in a while and want to see your house along with other percentages! :)