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Things you learn from musical theatre that school doesn’t teach you

LES MIS - Give and accept second chances
POTO - Show love even to the worst of people
WICKED - Friendship lasts forever
GREATEST SHOWMAN - You will have critics; also family first
DEAR EVAN HANSEN - Accept yourself but also own up to your mistakes
BEAUTIFUL: THE CAROLE KING MUSICAL - Stay strong through storms and make the most of your troubles
And finally, SOUND OF MUSIC teaches you how to solve a problem like Maria XD

angry time

i've been working on my mixtape for like 7 months now and i had some really sick tracks done but now they all are technically illegal bc i've used drum samples that could get me sued. now i have to get different drums for my songs but none of them sound the way i want them to and i actually am angry and don't even want to finish it anymore.