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Mario Kart in real life (EDIT: Just Mario)

I did this with my friends. So basically, we thought about what would happen if Mario Kart was a real thing.

I hope I made sense. 

Here's mine: 

Mario Kart:
*throws shell at player*
Real Life: 
*lobs heavy shell at vehicle*
*makes dent in car*
*gets arrested for poaching a turtle and then making a dent in a car*

Mario Kart (8):
*Drives on walls and ceilings*
Real Life:
*Tries to do it but instead flips car over*

Revived Piece! 
This has been in the works for a painfully long time, but I finally bucked up and finished over the past two days, and I'm excited to share it with you all! I strongly suggest that you listen to the epilogue (around 3:03, measure 103), as it is a more refined copy of the first piece I ever wrote back in seventh grade. I'm so glad I was able to revive the old melody, harmony etc. since I've always loved it. FEEDBACK MUCH APPRECIATED!!!

Song Writing Help

One of my friends is writing a Musical, and has requested that I write the music to go with the lyrics she has written. She has also given me the melody for the lyrics. I'm struggling to come up with the chords for it. It's in A minor, but the 'sound' of the music changes for the first 4 measures to the rest of the song. Anyone have some tips for me?

RSA Band!

If you think I forgot you comment below.

That conductor who uses a green lightsaber/ 3rd clarinetist/ that random violinist who thinks she should be in the symphony orchestra even though we are a band that welcome every instrument xD: -Lizzapie-

The kalimba player: -palindrome-

The gifted flutist: Robin .M. Butler

The flute-playing hedgehog: @nysa2007 

That girl who thinks she is good at the flute: @flubatrone 

The flutist who brings his army of nose flute playing hamsters to rehearsals and concerts: @AshBoy

THE FLUTIST (drumroll please) : Kiara Wright

Flute-ageddon, Dark Lord of All, otherwise known as Louis Devlin

The guy that plays clarinet and kazoo and Akai EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument) 4000s and Ocarina and Recorder: @-Super-Goron-

The guy who will play the heckelphon, theremin, kalimba, bayan, theorbo, octobass and pochette, because apparently nobody else will: Alexander Evstyugov-Babaev

The main oboist with a unique sense of humor: @Joseph.C.Thaggard 

THE OBOIST: @GoldKeyOboist

That 2nd oboist who can't play in tune no matter what: @unumerical1

The bassoonist: @Fiat2.5

The alto saxophonist: Lacy Watson

The alto saxophone that plays all of his random songs he likes over and over after class: Astronix2

The main trumpet: @Overripe_Toad606

The tenor saxophonist who doesn't know a thing about music theory but still composes: ImSoSaxy

The Subpar Trombonist: SuparTrombonist

The guitarist who is slicker than an oil slick and also plays the piano: @Jaybird1 

the wanna be pianist who  randomly brings her uke to practices even when she isn't supposed to (she's actually really good at the piano that's why she is in our band lol): vga

incompetent pianist/violinist: @godoffours 

The violinist/pianist/clarinetist who makes some of the pieces for our band and doesn't stop eating tarts: Non But The Tasty Tarts can Be My Breakfast By Tchaikovsky

That kid who knows a lot about theory but can't put it into good use and who plays the violin: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The pianist who has a stash of books in her piano that she reads while the violists are playing: @Pianodudette 

The pianist/trombonist: SSS5

The fiddler who plays mostly by ear, can do back-up if needed, and knows more Bluegrass and Celtic style music than classic pieces; plays piano when needed, and tutes around on the flute: The Bohemian Critic

The pianist who multitasks  while playing: @pianist_alyanna

Your comedic pianist/violinist who composes or transcribes Disney and Nintendo pieces during practices therefore putting the whole band in danger: @CalebKum

The particular pianist: @CountryHomes

The skilled violinist: Jayden Fung

That violist who ditches her viola to get FL Studio: FL-Music

The bass guitarist who is still playing after rehearsals: ㄕㄩRㄕレAR₵łⱤ₵ɄⱠ₳Ɽ

The percussionist/flutist who pampers her Pisces and judges everyone who doesn't practice: Half Step

That one triangle player (who actually wanted to do piano :-* ): Reluctant_Muse101

The drummer who is constantly having to buy new equipment because he hits things to hard: @WarlikeMicrobe

Comment so I can add more

How was your summer?

Mine was pretty great! It started with a trip to England with my family, I came back to America for a couple more weeks, and then I went to France and Eastern Europe with the youth group from my church. While I was in Eastern Europe, I broke my foot without knowing it (believing it was just a twist) and hiked up an intense mountain the day after. It was a great hike, though, and it was worth the pain and extra energy exerted to push the injured leg along. The view from the top of the mountain, the breeze, and the sound of the clouds 10 or so feet above me was breathtaking! Now I’m preparing for college and recovering from a foreign illness (I literally thought I was going to die a couple days ago) and the broken foot. My summer was definitely busy. xD