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Guess if it's true or not


1. I once had a pet fish named Betto that drowned
2. I am not smart
3. I have 27 imaginary friends
4. I drink coffee a lot
5. I play viola and violin
6. I compose music
7. My favorite color is marigold
8. I have ADHD
9. Me and Fox have Aspergers 
10. I lik cats
11. I'm allergic to cats
12. I wear glasses
13. I lik tea
14. My favorite violinist is Itzhak Perlman
15. My cousin plays double bass
16. I lik Shopkins
17. I'm first chair viola
18. I'm bored
19. I play basketball
20. I created individual characters for the periodic table, the standard model of particle physics, lab experiments, the states of matter, all the plants I know, and all the minerals I know

JOB: Content Manager - Percussion

Ever wanted to get paid just to write for percussion - all day long?

Do you love technology, internet, social media?

Interested to work in a fast-paced, Rock 'n' Roll environment - literally (company was recently acquired by Ultimate Guitar)?

MuseScore, one of the world’s largest communities for musicians, is looking for a Content Manager - Percussion to join our fast-growing team.

Your Skills:

- Chops - DCI/WGI level
- Live to drum, love to write for percussion
- Able to work independently, see an opportunity and act
- Able to create a plan and execute against metrics
- Knowledge of all forms of percussion - drum set, concert percussion, keyboard percussion, with a deep knowledge of marching percussion
- University degree is NOT required - we care more about your practical knowledge, skills, creativity

What You’ll Do:

- Manage all percussion-related content for new premium service
- Convert percussion content from Sibelius, Finale (+VDL) to Musescore
- Manage relationships with percussion composers and arrangers
- Travel to and present at top conferences and events - PASIC, BOA, WGI, DCI, TMEA, etc.

Why Work With Us:

- Get paid well doing something you truly love
- Opportunity to make a major impact in percussion education
- Travel - not only experience life overseas, but regularly return to US for conferences & events
- Opportunity to learn new skills or explore different responsibility on the project. BTW - we have no hierarchy, only responsibilities
- A literal Rock 'n' Roll atmosphere and approach to development
- Beautiful office in the city center and no dress code
- We work differently - 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
- Breakfast, soup, sandwiches served free throughout the day
- Push a button and get a coffee, tea, coke or even a Jack Daniel’s delivered to your desk

How to Apply:

Interested candidates should simply send a brief email outlining their qualifications/experience (full resume/CV optional) to with subject - Content Manager - Percussion.

Candidates should be prepared for a brief 10-15 minute discussion via FaceTime/Google Meet. Understanding that many potential candidates could likely be currently touring, bandcamping, etc., we can be very flexible in accommodating schedule.

P.S. - Job is located in Europe. Candidates should be prepared to relocate, but with frequent travel to US. Relocation expenses covered by company.

Help moi

I have a cousin who says that classical music is boring and I'm like ok and then he's like can I listen to what you're listening to and I'm like sure and he's like ew classical and whenever he refers to classical music he calls it "boring classical music"                        -Mint

I'm a copycat

I'm gonna do the guess my favorite thing
I'll follow you if you can get 3 right
You can guess twicee
Difficulty levels included because I'm a copycat
Wut's moi favorite:

1. juice (eh)
2. food (kinda hard i guess)
3. subject (pretty easy)
4. drink (easy i think)
5. composer (there are two) (eh)
6. song/piece (veryvery difficult)
7. color (eh)
8. hobby (EZ PZ)
9. instrument (hard)
10. number (bet you can't read my mind)
btw don't be like @-Super-Goron- and don't be a copycat

Your chance to get another follower...[Old discussion]

See if you can answer all these questions about me. You are allowed 2 times of guessing, because I won't tell you the answers, just how many you got right.

What is my favorite?:
1. Color. (Top favorite).
2. Bird. (Easy).
3. Song (I mean Hymn, and if you get one of my two favorites, I'll still give it to you).
4. Animal (Besides birds).
5. Tree. (Hard).
6. Flower. (You need memory for this one).
7. Vacation spot. (If you get the area where the place is, I'll still give it to you).
8. What color are my eyes? (Hard).
9. What is my least favorite color? (Come on! This one is easy).
10. Who knows me the best on Musescore? (Besides myself. LOL!)

So, I had to throw in a few that I've never mentioned the answer before, but if you can get all of the questions answered correctly, I'll follow you. However, if I'm already following you, you will just received a congratulations for answering them correctly. :D Also, if you get the majority right (over 6), I'll still follow you.

P.S. This will give you all a chance to get to know the invisible person, that nobody notices, better. JK. LOL! really bored I have a contest for trivia about me
I will only say which ones you got right
I have ten questions that are probably going to be easy because I've probably said most of the answers in previous discussions

1. What is my real name?
2. Where do I live?
3. What is my favorite symphony of all time?
4. What is my primary instrument?
5. What is my secondary instrument?
6. Who is my favorite composer?
7. Who is my second favorite composer?
8. What color are my eyes?
9. How many fugues have I written?
10. How good were said fugues?

if you get 5 right you get a follow
if you get 7 right I will give you a shoutout
if you get them all right I will write a piece of music of your choice

About the Trends

I feel like I have to post a discussion for this. In my opinion, rends are fine, in small numbers. When there starts to be more than 5-10 users posting their own individual discussion, it starts to get annoying. If there is a trend of some sort and you want to participate in it, maybe post your addition in that discussions comments.

Thanks for reading my rant about this. These are just my ideas and you don't have to follow them.

About all the trends

Hey guys...really wanted to address some of the stuff that's been going on in this group. :)


It's totally fine if you see someone's discussion idea that you really like, but when we fill up the entire discussion section with the same thing, it gets really clutter-y and redundant.
I've had a rule in the "Discussions in this group" discussion linked in the pinned discussion for a while now that says I'd delete a discussion if it was the "3rd/4th/5th etc. discussion of its type". But since it looked like you guys were having a lot of fun with them, I decided not to do anything.

The thing is, although some people are really enjoying trends, others are not. Like in September when we dealt with the spam and sh*tposting issue, people are leaving this group, or abandoning it (maybe you've realized that the percentage of members that are active is going down pretty fast). Even I myself have become much less active because the discussions are no longer as interesting and varied as they were before. It's really sad when we scroll through the discussion section, and it's all filled with the same thing. Where did the variety go? 

Today, I am going to delete all the trend discussions from recent trends. I'm definitely glad if you had fun with those, or enjoyed those, but it's just too much clutter. People are complaining and annoyed...and I can't guarantee that the people involved in the trends outnumber those who don't like them. 

Please note, though, that just because you were involved in the trends, doesn't mean I now don't like you or anything. You all are wonderful people, and this group wouldn't be like this without you :D. I have nothing against you as people - I'm removing these discussions to make this group a less cluttered group.

Next time, when you see a discussion you like, for example, "guess my age", you can post a comment under the discussion going "how about you all try guessing MY age?" It keeps that topic contained under ONE discussion and doesn't cover up all the other meaningful conversations we have in here. Oh and also - this also applies to the "should I change my profile pic" discussions and "check out my username" discussions.

I won't be debating this, either, so I hope you accept this and help us strengthen the RSA community to what it was before :D

Update: Alright...I deleted all the face reveals, guess what I look likes, and guess my ages. Also deleted all the discussions where people were saying things like "I'm bored, entertain me", "why is no one active", etc. Filtered some of the spam as well. And deleted some repeat discussions like the newest word-at-a-time story discussions. Totaled at approx. 150 discussions. Sorry if I messed up the community page... :P 

Hopping on the bandwagon :P

Get 8/10 right, get a free follow (if I'm already following you, oh well. You get bragging rights :p)

1. Fave color (pretty easy)
2. Fave musical (VERY easy)
3. Age (disclosed it once or twice)
4. Hobby (aside from music; pretty easy-ish; I have more than 1)
5. Best subject (medium)
6. Where do I live? (very easy)
7. Favorite vacation spot (meh)
8. Favorite composer (meh)
9. Favorite book (medium; aside from Bible)
10. Least favorite animal (I've disclosed this ONCE)

BONUS: (doesn't count as a point, but still)
Am I a good composer? (YES THIS HAS A CORRECT ANSWER :P)