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another word game!

this one is simple. i write a word (preferably 4 or 5 letters) and the next person changes one letter of the word to make a new one. (ex. slit, skit) You can only change one letter, and no one can make the same word twice. Whenever no one can think of a new word, the person who posted the last comment wins!


                               ddddddddddd                                                      dddddddddd
                                       oooo                               f                                      ooo

                                                             d                                                      d
                                                               d                                                  d

Les do this...

Someone starts a line of a song then if some other person knows that song, then that person well say the text line of the song then so on.


1. No saying ok till were done with the song.
2. If u don't know the song then try 2 guess it at the end.
3. If u know the song then say the next line (if u want).
4. U CAN"T SAY THE FIRST LINE, ONLY ME, then u can say the next line.
5. Have fun :D.