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Another Anouncement. . .

I hill not be able to be on Musescore this will be a vote on who wants my account to stay here, or if you all want me to delete my account. Most of you all do not know me for being gone all summer...and I expected it. thanks you everyone for your graciousness and your kindness to me and helped me through some times, but even though I would like to stay here and chat more, it is what it is. and Thanks You for your open arms when I joined in. Good-Bye.

idk why

Say the note name (and octave) and what type of note it is (half note, whole note, etc. ) of each note of Beethoven's 5th Symphony (for instance middle C is C4 for those who don't know that kind of ... ummm ... notation)

Somebody can start a comment of the a part (flute, violin 1, etc.), then in the replies you say the note name and rhythm

Do only one note per reply on a 'part comment'

Also you have to say rests (just the rhythm though)

I will point out mistakes

use 'b' for flat and '#' for sharp

OR ELSE.... jk

that's the end of the rules

So i will start the first violin part

Why do many people think chivalry is courteous while it is actually sexist

A core part of chivalry is respecting and helping inferior people. This includes the elderly, children, those with mental it physical disabilities, and of course women. Those who preserve this practice maintain the concept of male dominance, pushing aside notions of gender equality. Clearly many people do not think of chivalry this way as is evidenced all over, but I like to play the devil's advocate and I dislike gender stereotypes so of course I brought this up.

Explain Your Username

I'm curious to know. 
Bohemian = It essentially means "unconventional", and that is a good word to describe me, my thoughts, and self. 
Critic = I'm a critic at heart. This is both good and not good. 

The name was inspired when I was reading Sherlock Holmes, when Watson was narrating a description of his very reasonable friend, and--to somewhat paraphrase--he described Sherlock as "loathing" society "with his whole bohemian soul". Sherlock Holmes is one of my all time favorites of anything, and so I adopted that accurate adjective as part of my own. 

Which Composer Are You?

Simply put, I was bored and couldn't compose, so I made a small quiz. Curious to see the results. Tell us which composer you got here if you want.

I got Vivaldi. Even though he's my favourite composer, I'm kind of surprised.

There are thirteen possible composers. So far, here's who we have:
 • Vivaldi (7)
 • Chopin (6)
 • Beethoven (4)
 • Mozart (1)
 • Fanny Mendelssohn (1)
 • Liszt (1)
 • Rameau (1)
 • Haydn (1)