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All The Way

I jus got into JackSepticEye's hit song, All The Way, and I can not find any alto saxophone sheet musics for it. Does anyone have the time, effort or knowledge of making this song into sheet? It is a big ask, but I think It would be really fun!



Does anyone here use eBird?

Hi everyone!

Does anyone here use eBird? As my username suggests, I'm an eBirder (that's a word now) and I wondered if anyone else on this group posts there. If you don't know what it is, it's a citizen science program run by the Cornell Lab. It's completely free. Here's a link to about eBird: Basically you report the sightings of any bird you see. If you take photos, you can add those, too. There is an eBird app that allows for very fast listing. Warning: it's highly addicting. You'll be trying to see more birds in your county or keep up your checklist streak. Warning: it's also very fun. Here is a link to my photos on eBird:

Once you are signed in, you will see on the homepage there is a section called "Top Photos" and the top photos that have been upload within 24 hrs are on there. You can also see other eBirder's profile pages when you are signed in. Thousands of other people that share a passion for birds are entering sightings. Here is a link of the live submission map:

There is also a really fun quiz:

Have fun!