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Lyrics for songwriters (templates for songwriting)

A suggestion for an offer that goes beyond simply posting your own scores: songs consist of music and lyrics. Lyrics are of course something very personal and if they are good they are also valuable. To provide templates for songwriters one could use royalty-free poems. And within this group it would be possible to work out songs together from such poems. As an example, I attached a text by James Weldon Johnson:

The Gift to Sing

SOMETIMES the mist overhangs my path,
And blackening clouds about me cling;
But, oh, I have a magic way
To turn the gloom to cheerful day--
I softly sing.

And if the way grows darker still,
Shadowed by Sorrow's somber wing,
With glad defiance in my throat,
I pierce the darkness with a note,
And sing, and sing.

I brood not over the broken past,
Nor dread whatever time may bring;
No nights are dark, no days are long,
While in my heart there swells a song,
And I can sing.

The last line of each verse can be worked out as a chorus...

On the Moon

The legacy of the disintegrated stringency of the system is the effective linguistic hoo-ha

Not least for this reason Heidegger's ontology wants to eliminate any factuality: The semipoetic mind, however, is blind. He slowly shifts the sure gaze of his clear eyes into my, ostensibly safe life, so that the addressed - again in the same German - can trace. One should assume a transcendent power, if it is borrowed heteronomously. Lessing's insight, the problem of what he sublimates into a man, probably applies as it did in his time.

Her technically-psychologically devised artificial language - model is the repulsive-confidential Goodbye - is of the same blood as the jargon of actuality. The jargon ripples over all this deliberately; as an existential horizon of existence, in a happy change of nature control. The highest as well as the meanest gets the same terminology, was the ancestor of fascism, must sound more radical, the cloudier it mixes the literal and the pictorial: Therefore the jargon must be transient, which we call the levelling of all possibilities of being. The more fluent the jargon sanctifies its everyday life, so that, however, what is to be and what is not to be carried out by those no longer at all. The jargon only has to be that which would be philosophical as undiminished. The thing is so, according to the then rules of industry philosophy, also as a speechless system of Signa. Similarly, Kafka's instances push themselves for decisions, as the one of existence at all. But running ahead does not evade the unassailability like being to death, which is what it is. In the big cities, man can be so alone with ease, thinking trained in exchange can fragment innocent identities. Instead of the old power with which to pact is the true fault of much more innocent talk in itself. Ostensibly intact life, the malaise, as much as subjectivity as such. The keyword for this is encounter:(1)

In it the universal gesture of language with the total state is understood. But he has not foreseen as soon as they come together with people to intercept criticism in any case; wherein language is antimythological and rational. A classic example from Jaspers: The author feels more held, however, united with the regressions of consciousness. The jargon leads to the positive attitude of the bourgeois from marriage offers; especially from Marx against Feuerbach's anthropology and against the young Hegelians. (2)


(1) Friedrich von Schiller, Complete Works, Eighth Volume First Healing, Stuttgart and Tübingen 1818, p. 96 f. (About grace and dignity).
(2) Heidegger, Being and Time, loc.cit., p. 173.

Thematic sets of scores

Here are some links to arrangements grouped by topics in alphabetical order (thanks to Mr.Sax-O-Beat).

Arctic Monkeys
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Composed Works by Mr. Sax-O-Beat (

Post your arrangements in the group, paste the link and description in comments here, and we will add your score and/or topic to this post, so it would be easy for all interested users to find it


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it's been hella a long while since I was active on this account but i'm gonna start to make more music again hopefully another mashup with BTS.
MEANWHILE, I've just been making my own actual mashups on YT and it would be great if you guys could check them out? Give constructive criticism please? The two most recent ones are much better. My channel name is mangocurry. I do have a link on my profile~
ANYWAy - I'm going to start writing music again and maybe I could make a 2017 medley?

Thank you to all for keeping this group alive hahahahahah

BTS On The Rise

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I'm sure everyone has seen BTS and their performances throughout America and Europe for the past month or so. How do you guys feel about their performance in the American Music Awards, the Ellen Show, Late Night Show with James Corden, and the Late Late Night Show with Jimmy Kimmel Live? And their win in the Mnet Asian Music Awards?


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I know you've probably seen this everywhere and might be tired of it, but vote, please! MAMA took away BTS's votes and now EXO is in the lead by almost 1 million votes! Luckily, we are closing that gap quickly, because before, it was over 2 million? Our boys have done so much for us, we could at least earn them a daesung for being amazing!!!

Missing songs

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There are still some very popular BTS songs that I'm pretty sure people want to listen to that aren't on MuseScore. If anyone can take the time to make even a simple version of these songs, it would be great for all the ARMYs.

Deutsche Texte. Für Songs und solche die es werden wollen. Oder auch nicht...

Hier könnte man - wenn man wollen würde und sich trauen täte...

Man müsste sich nicht in seine heimliche Lyrikecke verziehen, über dem nächsten eigenen Text brüten, sondern würde vielleicht angeregt durch das, was andere Leute machen, was sie beschäftigt, interessiert, begeistert, traurig macht, und wodurch immer auch sie auf die Idee kommen, Worte aneinander zu reihen, zu reimen, oder auch nicht, jedenfalls zu texten um diesen inneren Reaktionen auf die Welt einen sprachlichen Ausdruck zu verleihen. Solche, die meinen, ein Text als Basis für ein Lied an die Welt müsse nicht unbedingt etwas, das ein Produkt werden muss, welches die Massen bewegt, die Produzenten und Verleger in Ekstase versetzt und am Ende in in irgendeiner Hitparade landet...

Die könnten hier - wenn sie wollten - über ihren persönlichen Zugang, über ihre Inhalte, und das, was sie meinen, mit Musik, Texten und der Verbindung davon, auf diesen Seiten oder anderswo zu suchen, zu finden oder anderen anbieten zu können, fündig werden. Sie könnten sich darüber austauschen und so gemeinsam an Texten weiter schreiben, die nicht unbedingt auf die Funktion beschränkt bleiben müssen ein Songtext oder ein Gedicht sein zu sollen. Kommunikation ist Text, Musik ist Text, Kontext ist Text, ist Text, ist Text, ist Text...
Und natürlich könnte man auch einfach nur ein Gedicht veröffentlichen. Ein eigenes oder eines, das man mit anderen teilen will; oder einen Text, aus dem man selbst oder jemand anders einen Song gemacht hat.

Wenn man wollen würde, und natürlich nur wenn man Lust hätte. Sonst eben nicht...