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I'm trying to play Rondo Alla Turca by Mozart, and, as I am a mostly self taught pianist (I had a piano teacher two years ago, but then i went to a new school and learned clarinet because i wanted to be in band), I am having trouble with a few things that I am hoping someone can offer me guidance on
1- The left hand grace notes in arpeggios, can someone please tell me, how do i play those at that speed and correctly?
2- The right hand octaves. I am having a lot of difficulty with this, I try to play it and it makes my arm hurt while doing it, so i tried to relax a little and ended up completely missing the notes
Please help?

Making a convincing plagal cadence, how?

I am nearing the end of composing the first movement of my suite. And I plan to end the movement using a plagal cadence. But I know that a plagal cadence can be hard to make sound convincing, I mean after all, it is a subdominant to tonic motion. And most of the time if anything, the subdominant moves to the dominant for your classic IV V I or a slightly embellished version of the same cadence such as IV V vii°7 I

I know that part of making a plagal cadence sound convincing is to slow it down. V I could easily be convincing at quarter note speed. Not so easy for IV I to be convincing at that speed. But as you slow it down, IV I becomes more convincing. Another thing that makes the plagal cadence more convincing is having the upper voice move between scale degrees 5 and 6, implying a second inversion subdominant chord. 

Second inversion is the least stable form for any major or minor triad. And scale degrees 6 and 4 naturally want to move downwards. This leads to a convincing tonic resolution from the subdominant. Repeating the chords in a pattern like this


as it is in the Messiah Chorus, makes the cadence even more convincing.

But do I need to do anything else to make the plagal cadence convincing? Would a leaping bass make it more convincing like it does for an authentic cadence?

The Songs with Guitar/banjo.

This is a list of songs that I believe have guitar/banjo. (Banjo Credits go to @TheRealDjimbo)

Die House.
Botanic Panic. (Ban.)
Ruse of an Ooze. (Ban.)
Floral Fury. 
Clip Joint Calamity. (Ban)
Inkwell Isle 1 (Ban.)
Inkwell Isle 2.
Sugarland Shimmy.
Carnival Kerfuffle.
Fiery Frolic.
Legendary Ghost. (Ban.)
Pyramid Peril.
Victory Tune.
Shootin' 'n' lootin'.
Dramatic Fanatic.
Murine Corps.
Junkyard Jive.
High Seas Hi-Jinx.
Railroad Wrath.
All Bets are Off.
Inkwell Hell.
The King's Court.
Admission to Perdition.
Winner Takes All
Closing Credits.

"Waves" of RSA :P

kinda going along with the generations of musescore discussion in the Discussion Group :P
But there is a pattern of people that join, become active, and slowly become less active. So I thought it would be fun for you guys to see where you're at in relation to this group's development and "history" xD
I'll probably keep updating this as the group gets more history lol

1st wave (RSA veterans)
Joined before the creation of the community page, and before this group began blowing up thanks to the RSA Rebellion of March 2018. At this stage the group was <60 members, <120 discussions, and was not well known to the rest of the site.
Were likely active on musescore prior to the creation of this group.
This was from the very beginning to the beginning of March 2018.

2nd wave
Joined during or after the Rebellion. Was part of a huge surge of new members into the group after it blew up. Joined while the group was still "open" - before Dookis and the spammer followers prompted me to change it to "moderated" at the end of June 2018. These are the last people to join the group by themselves, without me reviewing their membership requests.

3rd wave
Joined during summer break of 2018 (July through August). Group was at its peak in activity, and by this time I was approving join requests instead of letting members join by themselves. Dookis incident happened.

4th wave
September arrives, RSA has its first birthday. General activity decreases (but group remains highly active) and discussion count rapidly increases but the discussions begin lacking quality. Moderation becomes stricter - I mass-delete 200 discussions and begin modding more closely. Group rules for discussions are created. Discussion quality improves.
Joined September through December 2018

5th wave
Joined January through May 2019. Activity/conversation is normal. Middle school musescorers begin to outnumber high school and/or college+ musescorers. Musix and lordtroll incidents happen, moderation becomes stricter. RSA breaks world record for highest discussion count in a musescore group and begins taking over the rest of musescore.

6th wave
Activity decreases due to everyone going on vacation for summer. Current wave; joined June 2019 or later.

Anyway comment below what wave you're from :D

Je me souviens d'avoir vu un mariage présenté

 «Nous sommes des gourmands qui adorons notre nourriture. Il était donc important pour nous de bien manger. L'équipe de traiteurs de l'école était incroyable. Emily, la chef de l'école Abbots Hill, a même créé une version spéciale du pudding au chocolat pour nos amis végétaliens. Lorsque tout le monde est arrivé, nous avons servi du vin chaud et des noix grillées pour que tout le monde soit au chaud avant de se mettre au souper. Nous avions des plateaux de partage de fruits de mer pour commencer, un beau boeuf au ragoût de vin rouge avec des pommes de terre dauphinoises et un pouding au chocolat pour se régaler.

«Je me souviens d'avoir vu un mariage présenté sur un blog où ils avaient offert des couvertures à la place de faveurs et avaient vraiment adoré cette idée si impeccablement pincée! Je savais que je ne voulais pas de couvre-sièges et que je voulais être sûr que tout le monde serait assez chaud avec quelque chose qui pourrait être gardé longtemps. Sur eBay, nous avons trouvé un fournisseur qui vendait des tapis en laine recyclée et nous y sommes allés.