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Metroid Show for Drum Corps

Hello, I am currently working on writing a show for drum corps based on the music from the Metroid series. I would love for you to check it out at
Feel free to leave feedback or just say which part is your favorite.
Since this show is still under production, if you have a favorite track from the series, let me know and I can try to incorporate it.

C’était une robe sans bretelles avec une jupe en tulle

 «Ma robe était de Jesús Peiró, achetée chez White Mischief Bridal à Henfield, dans le Sussex. C’était tout le contraire de tout ce que j’ai jamais pensé adorer! C’était une robe sans bretelles avec une jupe en tulle - c’est exactement ce que je ne voulais pas 
robe cocktail discount
, mais j’ai adoré ça tout de suite! La cami perlée détachable l'a également emporté - j'ai adoré le fait que cela puisse changer du jour au soir.

J'ai choisi une cathédrale à deux niveaux d'Augusta Jones. Je suis tellement content d’avoir choisi un long voile, car les tirs du voile de Claudia se sont avérés être nos préférés! ”

«En ce qui concerne la papeterie, je ne pouvais rien trouver qui soit à 100% de ce que je voulais, alors j’ai fabriqué le mien. J'ai commandé la carte et les enveloppes sur Ebay, ainsi que des sceaux d'enveloppe et de la ficelle chez Etsy. J'ai téléchargé des modèles et des polices gratuits 
robe noire chic grande taille
, puis je les ai imprimés! Nos cartes de place étaient des cœurs en bois, toujours d’Ebay, et notre plan de salle était affiché sur un miroir. 

Kyoto Animation (KyoAni) Arson

I understand this isn't music related but I'm sure people in this group would care about what happened to Kyoto Animation Co. On Thursday July 18, 2019, a man by the name of  Shinji Aoba was suspected to purposely start a fire at Kyoto Animation Co. (better known as KyoAni) because he accused them of plagiarizing one of his novels. KyoAni is an animation studio that was known for making many different types of anime, manga and movies. Some of their works include K-On!, Nichijou, Sound! Euphonium, and A Silent Voice. Because of the fire, it caused 35 lives to be lost and many more around the world to be changed forever. Because of this tragedy, Sentai Filmworks, a very good partner with KyoAni, started a gofundme page that recieved almost two million dollars in donations. The link to the gofundme page can be found here:
This is a tragedy that nobody should ever have to go through. Spreading the word out will be just enough to help out. #HelpKyoAniHeal


Me and Rusty have been talking and we both thhought that it might be an idea to do a colaberation on our LOTR music. So, who is interested? We will probably start with my already orchestrated one, just to get going, but we could do others in the future.

Firstly, we need to know who plays what. So, post here any part from my Fellowship of the Ring score that you are willing to play.

Piccolo: TAKEN
Flute 1: Rusty
Flute 2:
Oboe 1:
Oboe 2:
Clarinet 1: TAKEN
Clarinet 2:
Bass Clarinet:
Bassoon 1: Big Johnny
Bassoon 2:
Alto Sax 1: TAKEN
Alto Sax 2:
Tenor Sax: nheilborn
Baritone Sax:
Horn 1:
Horn 2:
Trumpet 1:
Trumpet 2:
Trumpet 3:
Trombone 1:
Trombone 2:
Trombone 3:
Violin 1: TAKEN
Violin 2: TAKEN
Viola: TAKEN
Cello: matman344
Double Bass: TAKEN


Hey you guys!

We don't know who's out there who knows or likes the Aetherlight, but we created this board just in case! The Aetherlight, being steampunk, has such a fun, creative soundtrack, and we wanted to bring it to life as much as possible through our arrangements. We have already done ones like the craft theme, the Old Mount theme, etc, but we would love to see you guys choosing a theme from the game and arranging it! This board is just for fun, and if you just want to chill out here that's cool too.

-Ilayne and Scarlett