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Hello there!

Hello there.
 I'm new here. 
My name is Catherine. I've been on Musescore for, (ruffly), I'm estimating two to three years. 
This piece I arranged only a couple months after I joined. Everyone was telling me that it was great and they loved it. 
One person told me that I should join more groups. I was too lazy to really join any groups....... Until now.......... Almost 2-3 years later.
I hope you love it. 
BTW, this group is awesome. Did you know that there are very few groups that have rules, and even few that follow them.
 I actually looked for cuss words and could find a single one. lol

June 2019

The first competition is here!

For this month, the theme will be "Relaxation", since summer is a relaxing time of year. Any pieces composed/arranged/transcribed should incorporate relaxation in some way.

Have fun, and good luck!

Also, as only one piece has been submitted so far, the June competition has been extended again until August.