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The Lion King

Ok Does anyone else notice how cruel the lion king is?Scar kills his BROTHER (let that settle in). Then They go and start singing "Hakuna Matata" where you need to forget everything you love after just seeing your dad die. I mean Come on!

Hakuna Matata!
What a distracting phrase
Hakuna Matata!
Makes you forget About Trauma!
It means to forget about
everything that you love!
It's our very own, Retirement plan!
Hakuna Matata!

Copyright Policy Question

I do a certain amount of transcribing sections of classical works for my own education and analysis. Often they are twentieth century pieces and some are still in copyright. I would like to share some of them here, but I've held off because of those copyright concerns. I know it's a long shot, but is there some combination of settings (license/download) that would allow me to publish them here without infringing copyright, since they are intended for educational use?

MDL + More

In addition to MDL, I think many could agree that MuseScore also needs MFE (MuseScore Front Ensemble), to work in conjuction with MFE as a soundfont. I understand it is hard to get nice sounds on an open-source software, but it would be nice to have. Here are suggestions for the soundfont in mind:

- Marimba (with 3 hardnesses); the marimba sounds a little bit like a toy xylophone with a deeper voice. It doesn't sound very rich.
- Vibraphone (with 3 hardnesses); the vibes don't exactly sound metallic enough
- Xylophone (with 2/3 hardnesses)
- Glockenspiel (with 2 hardnesses)
- Chimes/Tubular bells (with 2 hardnesses); the chime sound isn't round enough and is a bit abrasive in timbre

- Crotales
- Gong (PLEASE)
- Suspended/China cymbals with pre-recorded rolls and hits on different sizes (similar to what VDL does)

And as well, a nice function that could be EXTREMELY useful is the ability to upload samples into a score by mp3 or wav.

Does the education system need to be reformed?

I believe that it does.
I am currently taking summer classes to get ahead and so I can have some extra electives for my sophomore year. While taking these, I realized, "It only took me 2 and a half months to finish 2 classes. Why does it last 9 months then? Not only that, but i could have done more classes in this time frame and still completed it! " I believe that they drag these classes out far longer than they need to and 9 months is completely unnecessary. Now, I do understand that many people learn at different paces. However, the number can easily be lowered to 4.5 months so you could get through 2 classes of the same subject completed in one school year. Of course we can't just change it in one year, and go from 2.5 month classes to 4.5 month classes, but we could gradually move towards that until we can reach that point. I also think that the whole "seat time" requirement should be changed as well. The number of school days has been increasing, and I don't think it does any good! The ideas of the educations system seem to be more focused on "quantity" rather than quality, which does no good for the students. All it does it give teachers more money (I do believe that teachers and those in this field are underpayed). It would cost money for the new curriculum to be made, and I think some money distribution needs to be worked on. Ex: take some (but not all... leave enough money needed) from the DOD, things like that.

This is all just a jumbled rough draft of ideas. You can come up with your own policy for it, add on to eachothers, or if you think it's fine the way it is, you can leave it that way. My "plan" is a rough draft, and I plan on clarifying more, but I think you get the gist of it. I'm interested to see what you guys bring to the table!

Whole New World Piano and C-Instrument Solo

in Piano

Hihi! This is my first piece that I uploaded to Musescore so please be nice and take notes of any wrong harmonies if u wanna use the score. Feel free to share this score. I know that it's not pure piano but its a really nice piece. I arranged this piece based on the verion of the song from the animated movie. If you have any feedback regarding the piece please feel free to let me know :)

I need some help and/or advice.

My mom says I'm going to have to play the Contro Alto Bass Clarinet in December. I just started playing the B flat clarinet in August or September of 2017, do you guys think I SHOULD skip the bass clarinet and start playing a 5 foot Contro Alto Bass clarinet so soon like that? Especially since I'm barely intermediate level on the B flat clarinet AND been playing the B flat clarinet for barely a year now! She says it will help get me a scholarship for college if I play it cause not many people play the Contro Alto bass clarinet.

Admin Elections (August 2019)

I see how hard leading an orchestra by myself is now. :3
I don't have the time and energy to run this by myself, so now I'm adding bimonthly admin elections! :D

Admins MUST:
- Moderate the group (duh)
- Add people who have signed up
- Remove non-orchestral pieces
- Remove people who HAVEN'T signed up (looking at like half the orchestra here) This bugs me the most

Admin Sign-up Form (Google Forms):

Admin Sign-up Form (Musescore):
Username -
How many scores you have -
Leadership Experience -
Weekly Activity (1-10) -
How trustworthy would you consider yourself to be? -

Admin Requirements:
At least 1 score
Some kind of leadership experience
At least 2 log-ins a week

Out of everyone who signs up, I'll add, get this, ONE.
Elections will stop in April 2020 and will resume when someone resigns.

Next election: October 2019

*mental preparation for the tons of messages i'm gonna get*