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Theory Prompt #7

7. Compose a piece in Mixolydian mode.

Things to Consider:
Modes are built on the major and minor scales - there is a different mode for each note in a major scale (for example, a major scale is also known as Ionian mode). Mixolydian mode is build from the fifth note of a major scale. This means that, in C Major, the Mixolydian scale with that same key signature starts on the fifth note, or G. So a key signature with all-naturals is going to be G Mixolydian. You could also think of Mixolydian as a major scale with a lowered seventh (meaning there is a whole step between the seventh and the tonic, versus the half step present between in a major scale).
What chord progressions could you use to emphasize that the piece is in Mixolydian instead of just being a major scale? Could you emphasize the flatted seventh with a major VII chord, perhaps?
Make sure to emphasize the tonic note. How can you do this? By using various chords that involve this tonic note? By continually coming back to the tonic chord? By starting and ending the melody on tonic?
Are there any styles that you know of in which a Mixolydian scale is common? Perhaps you can try emulating that style to ensure that you stay true to Mixolydian mode?

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Theory Prompt #7 Judging Deadline: September 22, 2018 [only one week this time, guys!]

Comment questions and submissions below! Good luck! :)

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