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Commission #0

So as this is going to be this groups introductory state, i would like to start with an easy commission. Tell me about yourself. Tell me about your composition (what do you like to arrange/compose/transcribe), what instrument you play, your experience with music, and why you came to this group. I'd like to get to know a lot of you arriving people a lot better and how i can appeal to you guys

Bagatelle in C(WIP), Feedback wanted

 Here is what I have so far of my bagatelle:

What  do you think? Should the bass line be flushed out? Should I continue  the triplets instead of alternating triplets and no triplets in the B  section? And sorry for the atypical beaming, I will change that. Musescore for some reason beams the 16th note triplets but not the eighth note triplets and I don't understand why.