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Epic Music Dataset


My name is Luís Espírito Santo and I am a Portuguese engineering, AI researcher and composer. I'm starting this discussion because I'm currently trying to apply some machine learning models (deep learning/neural networks) to epic music composition within the project MuCaGEx for my master thesis.

I decided to discuss it openly here. I would like to know if some of you would be available to help me with this task.
You could help me in three different ways:   

1) I need to create a dataset of orchestral epic music that intends only to be used to train and study machine learning models, must not be used for human artistic manipulation and I'll ensure there is references for all the sources and authors in it. If you let me gather some of your original orchestral pieces you consider really epic, it would be really amazing. I believe this would be a very interesting contribution to the scientific community. 

2) I would like to know what is your concept of "epic" music and know why you shared some of your works in this group dedicated to "Epic Orchestral Music". This may help me to understand what defines "epic music".

3) As soon as I have some results, would you be available to comment on those and/or to answer to a questionnaire about it?

My email is">
if you want to contact me privately or more directly.

Thank you very much!

Best Regards and Happy New Year for you all

For all you DK lovers I present a CHALLENGE

Snakey Chantey the new remix sounds so cool and I was wondering if I could get some assistance with the 1st trumpet part. It would help me so much to complete this awesome song from two amazing Nintendo games. For reference, I have provided a link to the song I am working on.

1st Trumpet spot starts right a 00:20