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Be sure to check out my other songs.

So, I probably should have posted this when I originally added them to the group, but if you liked the previous song I shared, be sure to check out the other songs I've written and uploaded for quite a while. Links are below.


Life of a Night Owl:

The Good Things:

Getting Up Early:

Be There:

The Wrong Reasons:

New song. Feedback appreciated.

I'm back with a new song. Link is below.

In Her Arms:

This song is by far the most difficult song I have ever written. It took me a long time to determine the exact rhythm of the chorus, and a longer time trying to match the verses and bridge with the chorus. It took longer than expected to write this song, and it was painful (considering I almost scrapped this idea), but I finally finished it. Anyway, let me know your thoughts if you give it a listen.

My first symphonic Waltz

This is my first project of a Suite for Symphony Orchestra, it is the second movement, which is a Waltz inspired by the Autumnal Nights ... In fact the Suite itself will be inspired by the Fall, but anyway, I would like to look at her and give me an opinion about what is right, what is wrong and what could be improved ...

Thank you very much in advance :)!