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Uhh... Slight Problem...(?) I dont know what to do(?) aHh

I tried to upload a score earlier today and I come back 6 hours later to find that its still processing?? Its only like 3 pages so it shouldnt take this long. Maybe somethings wrong with the server? idk but I want to know if anyone else is having this problem :P

Edit: I just checked again and it stopped processing........ but now it says page not found. This is kinda annoying lol


I need help with measure 64 (3:02) to measure 73 (3:25) If you have any tips, yay!
I'm having trouble with the left hand at measure 71. It's hard to do that fast. And with measure 66, SOOOO fast and hard to position hand without hitting wrong notes, and measure 67 - 68. ALL THOSE OCTAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you can help, great! xD
And the there's measure 72. I think there's enough said about that measure.

Welp...I'm 14 now

Maybe this can be the breaking point of the worst year of my life I've far.  I'm hoping things will be better past today and maybe I can make some serious changes to my life. On a high note of A, I volunteer at a pet store and they hire at 14 so I might have an official job! Also, this year I go to highschool and end those terrible and lonely homeschool years. I have more things to tell you guys but no time at the moment, I've been camping since Wednesday and we leave today so maybe in a day or two I'll tell ya more. See ya then!

check it out\doll clothes

How many of you here have little sisters? How many of you have little sisters who love to play with American Girl Dolls? my sister has been gungho over them the last few weeks, (especially now that she has seen a friends collection) but anyway she has been begging me to make some clothes for them. so I did. And I if I do say so myself they are pretty cute. so I was wondering if you think I should try making a website to sell them. (if you are interested in pictures, let me know)

horror stories

So if you're anything like me, you get REALLY NERVOUS for recitals/festivals/exams or just playing in front of people in general. The sad thing for me is that I screw up a lot in these situations too, which isn't the best thing in the world.

So I was at a recital last December and I was playing the first movement of Beethoven's Pathetique sonata. My teacher had actually handed out BALLOTS so people could vote on their favourite elementary, intermediate, and advanced player. Well, lucky for me (not really), I was the last of the advanced students (also the last player in the entire recital of 30 people). Most of the other advanced students did really well, but when I went up, I (very) noticeably screwed up at LEAST ten times and also nearly crashed due to a memory glitch. The funny part? I freaking WON. I still can't believe that I got more votes than all the other students who definitely deserved it more than I did. My teacher called me up and handed me a trophy (which was actually pretty fancy-looking) with that look on her face. It was just hilarious, but also so embarrassing.

If you've had a similar horror story, please share it here!!! It'll be nice to know I'm not the only one who screws up like this. Thanks!! :D