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Jazz Basics Lesson #3: Common Forms

Hello there. Firstly, I'd like to apologize for not putting out a lesson for a few weeks. I'm gonna try to be more regular with this but I can't promise anything at the moment.

This lesson will focus on the two most common musical forms for jazz: 12-bar blues and the 32-bar form.

Before going more in-depth with each form, know that almost all jazz music follows a basic pattern for musical structure. First, the ensemble plays through the head of the tune (the piece's main melody) once or sometimes even twice. Afterwards various players in the ensemble will take turns playing an improvised solo over the chord progression of the head. After a number of players get a chance to solo, they finish the tune playing through the head one more time. The 12-bar blues and 32-bar form are simply the forms in which the tune's head is played.

Starting with 12-bar blues, this is the form you will see in almost all blues pieces written. This from also has a chord progression that all blues follows. While there are variations to this chord progression, in its most basic form the progression is (all chords are dominant 7ths):

I (4 bars) - IV (2 bars) - I (2 bars) - V (1 bar) - IV (1 bar) - I (2 bars)

An important various to the blues progression is know as "Bird Blues" as it's Charlie Parker's variation on the 12-bar blues. I won't go over it in detail for this lesson but perhaps in the future I will.

The second form we'll look at is the 32-bar form. This form comes in a number of its own variations, but the most common in jazz tunes is AABA. This variation starts off with an 8-bar "A section" melody that is then repeated, usually with some variation (A'). Afterwards, there's a new 8-bar "B section" melody (also called the bridge) before it finishes off the last 8 bars with the "A" melody again (or A').

Of course, these aren't the only forms in jazz, but they make up a good majority of jazz charts ever written. If you have any questions let me know in the comments. I'm also looking for suggestions for the next lesson if you have any. I hope this was helpful for everyone.

June 2019 Competition


As of now, the group is still being set up, but I do plan on having a competition for June. I do expect it to take a few months, though, since there are not enough members. Please share this group if you do discover it.

Update: Thanks to everyone who has joined! Only a few more days until the first competition starts. I am taking suggestions for the banner and icon for the group, if anyone has ideas.

Jammin' Dodger (Piano Arrangement)
This is a piano solo arrangement of my Score "Jammin' Dodger" (find the original here:
Feel free to add whatever ornaments and articulations you like and don't be afraid to improvise! This piece could last forever if you wanted it to, whatever you can come up with just improves your enjoyment of it! I hope you can have a lot of fun with this one.  



Leo P

I'm going to be honest here. I think Leo P is a good bari player, but the stuff he gets attention for isn't really that impressive. My two year old niece could probably squeak a bari sax, as could anyone; therefore, Leo P shouldn't be getting as much attention as he does. If Leo can get famous by biting reeds, anyone should be able to.

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Jazz Basics Lesson #2: Common Chord Progressions

Hello there. Since I've become an admin for this group I'm now gonna try teaching everyone here basic jazz elements. This lesson will talk about common chord progressions in jazz.

Common Chord Progressions:

As @EthanHarris has already stated, the most fundamental progression in jazz is the ii-V-I (in C: Dm7 - G7 - Cmaj7). It's also known as a circle progression since it moves through a cycle of fifths. 

Another common progression is the minor ii-V-i (in c: Dm7b5 (or D half diminished) - G7b9 - Cm7). 

Another common progression in jazz is the iii-iv-ii-V or I-iv-ii-V (in C: Em7 - Am7 - Dm7 - G7 or Cmaj7 - Am7 - Dm7 - G7). This is basically another circle progression but extended to start on the iii or iv chord. Often times the iv chord will be turned into a dominant chord making it a V/ii instead (in C: Em7 - A7 - Dm7 - G7). 

Of course, there's also the minor version of this progression (in c: Ebmaj7 - Ab7 - Dm7b5 - G7b9). This one is less common than the other progressions but it's still used in some tunes. 

Almost all tonal jazz is based on these chord progressions.

I hope this lesson was helpful to anyone trying to learn and understand jazz. For those who already understand jazz, feedback about anything I may have missed or gotten wrong would be appreciated. I would also like everyone's opinion about what the next lesson should be. I'm thinking about either doing a lesson on chord extensions or the relationship between chord progressions next. Let me know which one you'd like to see next or if there's a different topic you'd like me to teach next. Hope everybody learned something with this.

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Jazz basics lesson #1

I am summarizing this lesson from reddit.

The first thing that unfortunatemuso states is a really important chord progression.
It is - ii V I (so if you are in c major it would be (Dm G7 C)

Try making a song based on that chord progression and let me know in the comment if you do. I know I know it's short. But at least it is something