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I'm excited to finally announce our fourth competition!
This time, compose a duet for contrabassoon and piccolo. (I got the idea from a music lecture I watched, and thought it would make for a fun competition theme.)
- All of the notes must be within the respective instruments range
- The total length can be anywhere between 1 and 5 minutes long
- Comment a link to your submission below
- Each user may only submit one entry
- Voting will begin on June 1st, 2019

Have fun! :)

CCC#1 - "The Watzmann" and Admin/Judge

The wait is over! The first competition is here!

That didn't take long! Thank you to everyone who has joined the group in the last 24 hours or so. :D

So, I have a couple of things to talk about, the first is announcing the competition, the second is regarding Admins and Judges etc, so I want to quickly apologise for the lengthy post.

But let's start with the fun bit!

CCC#1 - "The Watzmann" by Caspar David Friedrich.

"The Watzmann" is a painting by artist Caspar David Friedrich, made in the mid 1820s. It is a fantastic landscape painting, and although I know nothing about art, I absolutely love this painting.

This challenge was inspired by a composition task I was given at school, where we had to write a piece of music inspired by a painting. I chose a different painting by Caspar David Friedrich, which inspired me to look up some more of his art to use for this competition.

So, the challenge is fairly simple: Write a piece of music inspired by this painting, "The Watzmann". I look forward to seeing what you can come up with.

A few quick rules/details:
1) You may use any ensemble of instruments.
2) The piece must be between 1.30 and 5 minutes long.
3)  The piece must be original, not an arrangement.

You will be given a mark out of 10 for your piece, along with some feedback. You have until Sunday 19th May which gives you one month to complete the piece. I will announce the winners as soon as possible after that.

Admin / Judge

So, basically, if anyone would like to be an admin and judge in the competition, please message me. Your job will be to help me mark the scores, and make sure the group runs smoothly. Obviously, you won't be able to participate in any competitions which you help judge, so sorry about that. If no-one wants to, I can do it myself, but it would make things a lot easier for me, so message if you're willing to help. Thanks!


There. I apologise again for the long post. I'd never get away with this on RSA. :/
Thanks again to everyone who helped boost this group to 30 members yesterday. :D
I look forward to seeing all of your entries to the competition. Obviously you don't have to, but if you are entering, it would be helpful if you could just let me know in the comments. Have fun!

- Joe

CCC#1 - "The Watzmann" - Update (1 week extension)

So a couple of people have asked for an extension for the first competition, and as we've only had a few of entries, I've decided to give you 1 week to complete your compositions. The one's we've had so far have been excellent, so keep 'em coming!

You now have until Saturday 25th May to complete your compositions. This is an extra 6 days, so be grateful. ;D

I will announce the winners on either Saturday on Sunday, depending on how long it takes me to mark them all. Well done to everyone who's entered so far!

Guys, we got this.

So I just ranted about this in a comment, then figured it deserved its own discussion... Jay and John's Challenges LIVES! Yes, @Legendian is leaving, and @Jaybird1 probably can't run a group this involved on his own... but look at the title! Jay and John's Challenges! This is a challenge! If a few other people are willing to help out, this competition group will see its best days yet! Obligatory sniff for Legendian's departure, of course, but after that, let's get straight back into it! I, for one, can't wait for the June challenge! Who's with me?

Competition 2019

This is a competition used for the non-pro users who would like to be able to showcase more of their work, and the only way to get this done is to get a pro account. This competition will allow the non-pro users to be able to showcase their skills as well as to get a chance to be rewarded a pro account (which will be paid for by me).

Be sure to e-mail me as there are a further few things that I will need to send!

There will be one winner selected from the two categories (large ensemble and small ensemble). The selected winners will receive:
1. A one month pro-membership account paid for
2. Their winning piece will be put through the superior Noteperformer playback and will receive an MP3 recording and they can post it wherever they want
3. Receive criticism for their work (though this is not to be taken seriously)

1. Send an e-mail to
stating you are interested in the comp.
2. When sending your e-mail expressing your interest, each user must provide a link to their profile in order to prove that they are not a pro user. Every link will be looked in to. Additionally, each user must state which category they are composing for: a large ensemble or a small ensemble (NOTE: EACH COMPETITOR CAN ONLY COMPETE IN ONE CATEGORY)
3. Any accounts that have only been made more recent than the announcement of the comp will be ignored
4. Any accounts that have no scores posted at all will be ignored.

1. Compositions must be annotated properly, like you would for a real score (e.g. adding slurs, staccatos, tempo markings, rehearsal marks etc.). Additionally, dynamics are a MUST!
2. Your compositions must be titled necessarily and must show your name (or your Musescore username for the sake of anonymity).
3. The work must be completely original and must be done individually! No group work will be accepted
4. Proper notation is extremely important. If you are adding timpani rolls or cymbal rolls, please use the appropriate tremolo marks and do not use multiple nonuplet rhythms.
5. Be creative with your work, do not go overboard unless you believe it is necessary with the context of your piece
6. The composition must be brand new, and not something you have already published. Additionally, when you completely your composition, do not post it onto Musescore until winner is announced.

Expression of interest will be up for a week, by Next Thursday 30/05/2019 11.59pm AEST. Deadline for the actual competition is yet to be determined