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Newb question about artwork

Greetings all INFP members. I just joined, trusting an old frog like me can be INFP, too. 
I was encouraged by some of the good music here and thought I'd park some of my Emily Dickinson song cycle here as well as a few selections of one of my ballet scores.
I am impressed by the art work many of you embellish your work with. I am concerned about copyright infringement in my own searches. For example on a dance number "Frog Prince"  I would like a likeness of a frog prince, but everything seems to be in copyright, including ballerinas and action photos. And how does one find or contact the owners? Phooey. There is a "public domain ballet art" site, but what is there is dull. 
Any suggestions?

Thomas J. Bergersen

I don't know why but i like the songs of Thomas more than the songs of Nick.
For example the tracklist of their albung "Invincible":

1. "Freedom Fighters" Thomas J. Bergersen
2. "Heart of Courage" Thomas J. Bergersen
3. "Master of Shadows" Nick Phoenix
4. "Moving Mountains" Thomas J. Bergersen
5. "Am I Not Human?" Nick Phoenix
6. "Enigmatic Soul" Thomas J. Bergersen
7. "Fire Nation" Nick Phoenix
8. "Black Blade" Thomas J. Bergersen
9. "Super Strength" Nick Phoenix
10. "Invincible" Thomas J. Bergersen
11. "False King" Thomas J. Bergersen, Nick Phoenix
12. "Hypnotica" Thomas J. Bergersen
13. "Fill My Heart" Nick Phoenix
14. "Protectors of the Earth" Thomas J. Bergersen
15. "Velocitron" Nick Phoenix
16. "Undying Love" Thomas J. Bergersen
17. "1000 Ships of the Underworld" Nick Phoenix
18. "Tristan" Thomas J. Bergersen
19. "Breath of Ran Gor" Nick Phoenix
20. "Infinite Legends" Nick Phoenix
21. "To Glory" Thomas J. Bergersen
22. "After the Fall" Nick Phoenix

Nearly every song I like is from Thomas and only two songs are from Nick...
What about you?

Make something about spam descriptions!

Make something with this kind of pages:

They are clearly spam description with the aim of showing those post on almost all searches people make. And when 2-3 of this posts turn out in search results they also make the website load slow, it takes like 5-6 seconds until the page is fully loaded.

Please edit them, or put a limit to the number of characters people can use in descriptions.

Requesting sheet music transcription

in Piano

Hello, I'm very new to this community and I was wondering if anyone had advice on how to go about requesting sheet music transcription. I am looking for sheet music for the song "Obvious" from Dear Evan Hansen. It was a cut song, therefore, there is no sheet music available. My son was hoping to use the song for an audition. Any tips would be appreciated.

Safety Checklist to Follow Before Buying a Second Hand Car

Safety Checklist to Follow Before Buying a Second Hand Car 
When you shop for a used vehicle, it is essential that you conduct proper research. It is more convenient to research today that ever, due to the availability of online resources such as consumer forums and car reviews. It is important to make safe decisions when you are buying a car, so as to be assured of your safety for the years to come. When you have got a second hand vehicle that you want, you need to follow this safety checklist to ensure that you get a safe second hand car. 
Know what the NHTA and IIHS has to say
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) oversee the safety of automobiles in the nation. Both organizations publish reports and reviews. They carry out various kinds of crash tests, and make use of varied criteria for rating cars. Look for a vehicle having the approval of IIHS and NHTA.
Inspect whether there have been open recalls
Neither private sellers nor car dealers have a legal obligation to inform you whether or not a vehicle is subject to recall. In such cases, you have to be mindful as a buyer. You can check the website of NHTSA to know about this. It is definitely important to get a PPSR Report to get some preliminary information. 
Get guidance from Kelley and Edmunds
Both guides can offer you a wide variety of information about used vehicles, whether it comes to safety ratings or reviews or the actual values of cars. It can let you avail the most appropriate car for your needs, whether in terms of your budget or safety. 
Know about the standard safety equipment 
The safety equipments in older vehicles are not the same as in case of newer cars. Conduct research on when some features became standard, such as electronic stability control, anti-lock brakes and airbags. Some safety features would keep you safe on the road, as well as reduce your vehicle insurance costs. 
Look at foreign and older cars closely
Given that safety standards have evolved over time, you have to look carefully at older vehicles and any car that is made outside North America. They might not satisfy specific EPA standards or might lack security features that are presently needed by law. 
Check the tires
Before you purchase a used vehicle, it is important that you always inspect the tires. Although the tires need to be in proper condition for driving, that is not the case always. Other than checking whether there is standard wear, check whether any of the tire edges has tread wear. If that is the case, it might indicate that the wheels are not properly aligned. In case there is erratic wear in the tires, check the suspension or shock absorbers of the car. 
Trust your gut feeling 
Your instincts can be your best guide. Once you have reviewed all other things on the checklist, carry out a “gut check.” In case you feel that something is not right with the second hand vehicle of your choice, it is better that you walk away.