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CCC#2 - "The Wanderer"

 CCC#2 is here!

Based on the results of the survey I sent out on Friday 7th June, it occurred to me that several of the themes which I suggested, and asked you to vote on, would in fact fit quite nicely together. Therefore, for this second competition, I have found another painting by Caspar David Friedrich, since the response for “The Watzmann” was very good. I am also going to give a genre of music (as wide as possible, but still something to go on) and a short story available in the file below.

If you would like to help judge the competition, or have any other queries, please message on Musescore, or via discord @jte#9811

Details of the competition:

- The deadline will be in 4 weeks time (Saturday 29th June)

- The genre, as chosen by the survey will be “Film Music”. This is deliberately a very wide genre in order to give the contestants freedom of creativity. There will be an award for the most original take on the task, as with the first competition. 
Obviously this theme can be interpreted to fit your desires.

- The painting (shown below) and the story are both in the google docs file. If you have any issues accessing this file, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to help.


- Your work must be completely original/all your own work.

- Be nice when critiquing other people’s work. Constructive criticism is fine, but don’t be rude. If you do, you will be disqualified from the competition and banned from the group.

- All pieces and comments must be appropriate.

Please let me know if you’re planning on taking part. I’d like to have an idea of who might be competing.  

- Joe


Reached composers block

So, you know how I have been working on the 50 follower special composition right? Well, I am 2/3 of the way through it and even include a short bit of canon in the composition. But after this canonic moment, I can't seem to make further progress. I know that I want to go back to G major by means of a plagal cadence(which would require me to substitute C major for C#°) and that I want to end the piece with a plagal cadence.

I have been having this composers block for about a week now. I usually embrace it and just move on to composing something else, but this is a 50 follower special composition that I have been working on.

Epic Orchestral Music and Machine Learning

My name is Luís Espírito Santo and I am a Portuguese engineering, AI researcher and composer. I'm starting this discussion because I'm currently trying to apply some machine learning models (deep learning/neural networks) to epic music composition within the project MuCaGEx for my master thesis.

I have contacted privately some people on this group previously, but since recently I  have been unable to send private message,s I decided to discuss it openly here. I would like to know if some of you would be available to help me with this task.
You could help me in three different ways:   

1) I need to create a dataset of orchestral epic music that intends only to be used to train and study machine learning models, must not be used for human artistic manipulation and I'll ensure there is references for all the sources and authors in it. If you let me gather some of your original orchestral pieces you consider really epic, it would be really amazing. I believe this would be a very interesting contribution to the scientific community. 

2) I would like to know what is your concept of "epic" music and know why you shared some of your works in this group dedicated to "Epic Orchestral Music". This may help me to understand what defines "epic music".
3) As soon as I have some results, would you be available to comment on those and/or to answer to a questionnaire about it?

My email is if you want to contact me privately or more directly.

Thank you very much!
Best Regards and Happy New Year for you all