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Cookies vs cookie dough

1. Cookies have more textural variety. You can have crunchy cookies. Soft cookies. A mixture between the cookies. The dough? Depending on which kind, they're pretty similar with hardly any variety. They're just either goopy or squishy. But with cookies, you can achieve the dough effect by not cooking it as much, getting the best of both worlds.
2. It's better for ones with chocolate chips. Melted chocolate inside of a cookie? It's hard to best that.
3. Dipping cookies in milk is amazing. Dipping cookie dough in milk is a sin. Nothing more to be said.
4. Health risks of salmonella. While I've never gotten or knew someone who got salmonella from cookie dough, and it's probably not easy to, you're more likely to get that from cookie do than baked cookies.
What are your opinions?

Official Apology of the Dookis

I apologize to the following people for plagiarizing their scores:

The Virtuoso Pianist (even though I was not the Koodis, I initiated the madness that caused someone to create the Koodis, so I apologize any way).

I apologize to the following people for impersonating and mocking them:

mnmwert (micah miller)
Fia Goudes (I can't remember her user name)
Rebecca Y
and everyone else who I angered and put on edge who I don't remember their names

I am going to be a good Musescorer. If I start to step out of line, just gently correct me (I have multiple personality syndrome or something like that).

And could someone try to get the admins. to unblock Dookis Supreme. I would prefer that email for my account.

Thank You :)

Almost reached 50 follower milestone

If you don't know already, I am now almost at 50 followers. Currently I have 39 followers so just 11 more and I will have reached the 50 follower mark. I had maybe like 4 followers 2 years ago. So clearly, I'm doing something right. My most recent score called The Storm just brought me 2 more followers. I suppose they followed me hoping to someday see the entire suite that I plan on The Storm being a part of. That suite I call Weather Music. Maybe I should compose another part of the suite for that 50 followers mark, upload it when I reach 50 followers, and then whenever I have finished the suite, upload it in its entirety.

If you want to listen to what I have so far of The Storm, here it is:

It just so happens that I have been getting rain for 3 days straight here in Ohio.

Update 1: 6/18/2019

Oh my goodness, 4 followers in a single day. That is a record for me, I am now at 43 followers. I don't know if the follower milestone or finishing the composition will come first. If the follower count does come first, that's fine. I'm not pushing myself to finish the 50 follower composition.

Using a major 7th to modulate, yeah, it doesn't sound right

So, I'm working on another piece and there is this area where via a chord progression, I modulate from G major to D major. The penultimate chord there is a 7th chord with the leading tone. Now this could mean several different chords. It could be a dominant 7th, in which case the leading tone is the chordal third. It could be diminished or half diminished, in which case, the leading tone is the chordal root. Or it could be a major 7th in which case the leading tone is the chordal seventh.

Here is the chord progression I use:

G -> Em -> Bm -> F#m -> DM7 -> D

Each pair of chords, I alternate between violins and cello and viola and piano. I write the piano chords in both hands. And I make sure that the voice leading is as smooth as possible. So here is what the cello and violins play:

G -> Em, Bm -> F#m

And here is what the viola and piano play:

Em -> Bm, DM7 -> D

Now, I only have the D in the DM7 in the right hand, but when I reach the D major chord, I have the D in both hands as well as in the viola.

Since with the DM7, I already have the major chord right there in root position, and the 7th is the only note that needs to resolve, and it does resolve up a step to D, it should sound fine. But it doesn't. And I think I know why. I'm doubling the chordal seventh in the viola and the piano. So while the viola does this:

C# -> D

which on its own, sounds great, the piano does this:

DM7 -> D

with all the notes of the seventh chord being played.

So, while I could change it to an A7 or even a C#°7, I'm thinking of keeping the DM7. But I obviously need to change something about how the 7th chord is played. The only route here I can think of is to get rid of the 7th in the piano and just have the piano play a D major chord twice while the viola plays the C# -> D motion to remind us that it is a major seventh resolving to D, not just D major.

But, is there another way that I could make this sound nicer while keeping the major seventh harmony? Here is the snippet where the Major 7th occurs:


This is a nice app. I use it to tune my guitar. It’s very helpful as accurate. This app also has options to tune other instruments like a violin. And for I think $10, you can get these little fun guitar chord related games, that help teach you the guitar.

Overall, great app. And I highly recommend it.

dumb mistakes

This isn't the dumbest of my mistakes, but the one that will take the least amount of time to tell---I thought I left my hydro flask, which are really expensive at my schools field. Very worried I rushed to my mom asking for a ride to my school. Almost half way there I looked down at the car floor to see my hydro flask. Just laying there. In plain sight. Woops.