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Definition of multimedia

What Is Multimedia – Multimedia comes from the word “multi” and “media”. “Multi” means many and “media” means hardware or software used for communicating (or transmition of the information). In this article we will make discussion about Multimedia Applications And Elements Of Multimedia.

Definition of multimedia
– Multimedia is the presentation of information in an attractive and interactive manner by using a combination of text, audio, video, graphics and animation.

multimedia applications
1. Entertainment – The entertainment industry has used this technology the most to  create real life like games. Several developers have used graphics, sound, animation of multimedia to create variety of games. One example is flight simulator which creates a real-life imaging. Many multimedia games are now available on computers. The children can enjoy these experiences, for example, they can drive cars of different variety, fly aircraft, play any musical instrument, play golf etc.
2. Edutainment – Many computer games with focus on education are now available. A simple example, in this case is an educational game which plays various rhymes for little kids. 
3. Bus Stand – Bus stands and Railway Stations are public places where people spend a lot time in waiting for their desired conveyance. Such waiting can become boring for people sometimes. Multimedia presentations can be used to entertain people in such situations.
4. Publishing Industry and Multimedia – Today the publishing industry has changed drastically because of availability of Multimedia. The publications which are meant for family such as newspapers family magazines etc. are giving real life experiences. for examole, the on-line news clipping are not only read but can also be experienced by seeing the video film associated with it.

Kind of a weird request

So, some of you know that my brother is serving a mission. I email him every night telling him about how the day went. And every time, I’ll leave him a little “Thought of the Day” with some humorous/pointless random thought such as “What if chairs screamed in agony when only YOU sat on them?”.

Anyways, every Monday, the Thought of the Day is what I call “PUNDAY MONDAY”. I always leave him with an absolute stupid pun.
But, as weeks go on, I’m running out of ideas.

SO! I need your help. Just leave me any puns. No other jokes. Just need some puns that I can use for every Monday. :P

Also if some of you wonder why I haven’t checked the pun discussions in this group, it’s because I already have used all those puns pretty much. :P

I need music for a home play we're doing

So me and my friends were bored and decided to make a play about the Boxcar Children. It's supposed to be a musical, except we only have two songs and a poorly written overture (which is my fault)

If you could be so kind as to whip up a couple of songs (it doesn't matter whether it's instrumental or has lyrics, as long as it goes with the story, we'd appreciate it) We are just performing this for fun, so only our parents will see it, and we're just two families, so...yeah. You'll still receive all credit for the song. 

Here's the summary if you haven't read it yet:

(Also, I can't call this off, or my sister will get a little mad and my friends will be disappointed after all they've done :P)

~ Alyanna