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Les Mis Video Cover Projects!

Recently, I've been thinking about how Les Mis has rather scant orchestration and how it wouldn't take too many people to play the songs. I know there are several attempts at video collaborations going on on this site, but perhaps we could have our own collaborations with Les Mis songs! Would anyone be interested in making a video collaboration project?

And so we're all on the same track, the original instrumentation for Les Mis is: (slashes mean the instruments are played at different times by the same person) Piccolo/Flute, Oboe/English Horn, Clarinet/Alto Sax, 2 French Horns, Trumpet/Piccolo Trumpet/ Flugelhorn, Trumpet/Piccolo Trumpet, Bass Trombone, Percussion, Piano, Harp, Guitar, Bass Guitar, 6 Violins, 2 Violas, and 2 Cellos.


So, I recently (this evening) went to a PianoGuys concert at BYU-I... OH MY GOSH! It was amazing! They're just as good live as they are in the videos. And, they are hilarious! It was absolutely fantastic! Hopefully I'll get their autograph. My cousin (THE MUSIC KING) went to the show later than mine, so he gets to see them after the show. I asked him to take my PianoGuys CD and have them sign it along with his but we'll see. Anyways, it was definately worth going to!!! :)

MBTI and Doctor Who

So sometime ago I was doing some research about Myer-Briggs Temperament Indicators and then I was thinking, what are the MBTI types of the Doctors.

Here's what I think:
1st Doctor INTJ
2nd Doctor ENFP
3rd Doctor ISTP
4th Doctor ISTP
5th Doctor ENTP
6th Doctor ENTJ
7th Doctor INTJ
8th Doctor INFJ
9th Doctor INTJ
10th Doctor ENTP
11th Doctor ENFP


I feel kind of guilty about having three spoiler-loaded discussions and am afraid someone just getting into Doctor Who is going to stumble upon this group and get a lot of stuff ruined for them. So here's a 100% spoiler-free discussion where new Whovians can discuss the show, its music , or ask questions that us more seasoned Whovians can answer for them. Our duty as experienced Whovians is to answer their questions about the show without posting any comments that might spoil anything. As for now we can talk about making new Whovians by spreading the word about the Doctor!