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Transitioning from single to double horn

Hey guys, I'm a trumpet player who was also a self-taught horn player for a year. I haven't played in a while but I'm thinking of picking it up again. I know most beginners start off with a single F horn, and that's the route I plan on taking. For those of you who have switched from single to double F/Bb horn, was it difficult in terms of learning the new fingerings? I know they are very different, does anyone have any way to learn the new fingerings quickly? Thanks!

Fun Bass Songs?

Our group's got a Tim Foust/Avi Kaplan-level bass singer, and we're trying to find some arrangements that give him some room to really shine. He can pretty easily hit E1's and up, and with a little effort can rumble down to I think F#0 was our last measure. But we're really just looking for something that goes lower than E/D2. If anybody has something it'd be great to possibly see it!

Admin Contest #2!

Hello everyone,

I know this is a very busy time of year, but I thought I might introduce this competition now so you can brainstorm ideas. Like the previous admin contest, this contest involves writing. Two pictures are posted below and you must find a way to combine the two into a humorous story. 

This contest is a little harder than the last one because the length of the story should be 1,000-1,500 words long. If it fails to meet the word count, it will be disqualified.

A link to the story in Google docs should be sent to my email:

Here are the links to the photos that are to be used:


**The stories are due by Friday, June 28**

I can't wait to see your submissions! They should be I N T E R E S T I N G ... :P

Looking for Collaboration

Hello everyone, 

I am currently a battery and front ensemble writer, with an emphasis on battery, who is searching for someone who may be in need of one. I'm looking into collaborating with a front ensemble/wind writer to create indoor or marching shows respectively. This can be done for the sole purpose of improving writing/arranging skills or for serious projects, of which is completely welcomed. 

I also have access to Sibelius, if there are any users who would like to use an alternative notating software. 

If interested, feel free to contact me :-)