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Collaborative Symphony

Does anyone want to write a collaborative symphony where we write separate movements but fit within an idea and a theme? HELP STILL WANTED!
Here is how we are going to do it, we will come up with a theme or an opening melody, which will we will have our movements based on. Once completed we will compose our movements, and when we're done, I will put them together and all people who participated will uploaded it with credits given.

Just 1 more follower needed

I am halfway through composing my 50 follower special. It is incredible that I got 9 followers in 2 days bringing me up from 39 followers to 48. I then got 1 more follower soon after. So now I'm at 49 followers. I can't promise when the composition will be ready because sometimes I compose a whole piece in a few hours and sometimes I don't finish composing a piece until several months later. 


a new challenger appears!