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The Death of RSA

is it looming in front of us?

The Evil Organization Ultimate Guitar has already taken over musescore and has changed the website and caused it to be glitchy and messed up the program too. It will not stop until all of the MS Kingdom has been vanquished. Shall we let them kill the one thing we know we have left? (our cheese pizzas *insert surprised pikachu face here* jk)

Anyway I ask all of you to bear with me. We must fight Back against this monstrosity.  

We need to advertise this group somehow. We need to be active somehow. We gotta show the devs that no matter how much they might try to hide us, we will never be hidden :o we gotta show our friends that hope is not lost :O



the time has come.
for me to unleash my ultimate power.

(roleplay spam cause I can't just spam anymore like I used to cause I don't wanna get banned. I do that too well apparently)

(Continuing the bandwagon started by Amot3kun)

Randon Favorite Something (RFS)

Got any avorite anythings? It'd be kinds weird if you didn't. Everybody's got something, hey?

Lets do it like this. Say, for example, I'd say "My favorite book is The Hunger Games".
then, the next person goes, "My favorite book is to Kill A Mockingbird. And, my favorite food is sushi".

The next peep would now go, "My favorite food is Gelato, and my favorite movie is Jason Bourne".

You don't have to do it this way, just a suggestion. :D

Copyright Enforcement

First off, the reason I disappeared for a while is because I am taking a much needed vacation in Germany at the moment and have been taking a break from technology.

I did come on today to check MuseScore and such though, and after a bit of searching, I've noticed something important and wanted to make sure the group was aware.

It looks like the Disney copyright enforcers have been "at it" again, and they've taken down a LOT of SW transcriptions on MuseScore in the past few weeks. Among them was B.S. Lengton's "Star Wars- Main Theme" piano transcription.

This very much saddened me that we no longer have access to this and the countless other SW pieces that were taken down due to Disney enforcing its copyright on SW.

However, I know a lot of people do NOT want their SW transcriptions taken down, so I wished to post a reminder:

- Including the copyright to the respective owners (Johnny Will, Walt Disney, Georgie) is VERY important, whether in the piece description or the piece itself!

- Your piece can be TAKEN DOWN by copyright enforcements if you don't have the proper copyright protections set up.

- Make sure you include the copyright for the respective owners of the SW branches (Johnny, Georgie, Walt) in either the DESCRIPTION of the piece or in the PIECE ITSELF.

I hope everyone took this to heart and are making sure that their pieces have the proper copyrights on them. I don't want to see more great music being taken down.

~ R. H. Jones