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I've been copyright striked

I received an email sent at 8:15am about one of my scores "When You Wish Upon A Star" being taken down for copyright infringement.

To be specific, it is my arrangement of the song for piano from the Disney movie Pinocchio. The licensing under this score is "Attribution" due to the fact that it's my arrangement of the song and I do not want anyone to claim the specific arrangement as their own, not the original song itself. The reason I am bringing up the licensing is because I'm not clear on whether the copyright strike is because of
1) my score is based off a popular song
2) the incorrect licensing
3) or a software glitch (as mentioned by Mike in another discussion post on this forum)
If it's possible, I can always change it to public domain. This is my first time receiving this notice, so I am unaware of what exactly happened. I'm hoping this can be settled and one of the staff members can take away this strike and make my score public again.

Also if anyone can educate me about whether I did the right thing about licensing my score as "Attribution" I'd greatly appreciate it.

So this user wanted to join my group, Aviation

but he/she/it feels like a scammer. their only reason for joining was "yes" and this is the about section
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this is the link:
do you think they should be banned or blocked

Cara Menggunakan Kalender untuk Cepat Mendapat Momongan

in Love

Memiliki penerus adalah impian semua keluarga. Beberapa pasangan diberi momongan dalam waktu yang cepat namun ada juga pasangan yang diberi momongan lebih lama dari lainnya. Bagi mereka yang belum dikaruniai anak, berbagai cara ditempuh termasuk dengan menghitung masa subur untuk melakukan hubungan seksual. Cara ini adalah cara yang paling mudah namun mujarab karena efektif bagi wanita dengan siklus haid yang teratur. Sedangkan untuk mereka yang memiliki siklus haid kurang teratur menggunakan sistem kalender dapat memiliki selisih perhitungan yang lebih besar sehingga keefektifan berkurang.

Jika Anda adalah salah satu pasangan yang ingin cepat mendapatkan momongan, maka menggunakan sistem kalender untuk mengetahui masa subur adalah pilihan cara yang tepat untuk dicoba. Berikut ini adalah cara untuk menghitung masa subur yang bisa Anda praktekkan.

1. Ketahui siklus menstruasi.
Penting untuk mengetahui berapa lama siklus menstruasi Anda. Caranya adalah dengan menghitung durasi dari tanggal pertama haid sebelumnya hingga tanggal pertama haid periode selanjutnya. Berikut ini adalah contoh cara menghitung siklus haid wanita:

- Hari haid pertama jatuh di tanggal 1 Desember, kemudian haid periode selanjutnya jatuh di tanggal 30 Desember, maka siklus haid yang dimiliki adalah 30 hari (dihitung hari dari tanggal 1 hingga 30).
- Hari haid pertama jatuh pada tanggal 7 desember, haid selanjutnya jatuh pada tanggal 8 Januari, maka siklus haid yang dimiliki adalah 32 hari (dihitung jumlah hari antara 7 desember hingga 8 januari).

Jika jumlah hari yang didapatkan sama dari bulan ke bulan maka itu berarti Anda memiliki 5siklus haid yang teratur. Wanita umumnya memiliki siklus haid antara 25 hari hingga 32 hari.

2. Catat tanggal hari pertama di haid terakhir.

3. Setelah mengetahui jumlah siklus haid, bagi dua jumlah tersebut. Misalnya siklus haid Anda adalah 28 hari maka hari ke 14 ( 28:2) adalah masa ovulasi dimana telur matang sempurna. berarti sel telur Anda akan matang di hari keempat belas setelah hair haid pertama. misalnya tanggal haid pertama Anda kemarin adalah tanggal 5 maka sel telur matang di tanggal 19 (5+14). Namun untuk perhitungan masa subur, tambahkan 3 hari di depan dan 3 hari di belakang karena pembuahan juga bisa terjadi mendekati masa ovulasi.

4. Jadi untuk perhitungan di atas dengan tanggal haid pertama tanggal 5 dan siklus 28 hari, Anda akan mendapatkan masa subur di tanggal 16 hingga 22 dengan tanggal ovulasi di tanggal 19.

Gunakan hasil perhitungan di atas untuk melakukan hubungan seksual dengan pasangan agar memiliki kesempatan terjadi pembuahan lebih besar. Wanita di masa subur terutama masa ovulasi juga memiliki ciri lain yaitu meningkatnya suhu badan di pagi hari.


Fun Bass Songs?

Our group's got a Tim Foust/Avi Kaplan-level bass singer, and we're trying to find some arrangements that give him some room to really shine. He can pretty easily hit E1's and up, and with a little effort can rumble down to I think F#0 was our last measure. But we're really just looking for something that goes lower than E/D2. If anybody has something it'd be great to possibly see it!

RSA Contest 4 - "Inspirational" Challenge

Alright, so I've been seeing that the activity in this group has been going down - so I wanted to introduce something to help spice things up!

It has in fact been 3 months since the last contest, the I N T E R E S T I N G challenge, was introduced, so it's about time we do our 4th contest!
(mnmwert will still get his full month with the congratulatory group banner and links to his profile/music in the description as he was promised, though, so the winner will be announced on or after July 19th).

So! A brief introduction to what this challenge will be about: so you know those really popular New Age piano solos (and sometimes epic orchestral pieces) floating around everywhere - the ones that are usually captioned as "epic", "beautiful", "inspirational", etc. Though they are indeed very beautiful, something I've begun to gripe about is that probably way too many of them tend to have the same chord progression, vi-IV-I-V, throughout the entire piece. Some examples include: River Flows in You by Yiruma, Nuvole Bianche by Einaudi, and My World by Florian Bur. They're all beautiful piano pieces in my opinion, buuut the chord progression used all the way through these pieces isn't very original at all :P

I've thought for a while now that I should make one of these cliche "inspirational" piano pieces just for the sake of making fun of them - similar to what I did with my 3-note song in making fun of pop. I feel like it's a fun twist as well, since now, instead of making fun of a genre that I don't like or listen to, and is made fun of by stereotypical "music snobs", I'm making fun of the very genre I listen to, enjoy and compose in on a regular basis. And I thought, wouldn't this be fun for the rest of RSA to try this too? Soooooo.....

The task!
You are to compose a two-minute piano solo that uses the chord progression vi-IV-I-V throughout its entirety. Pretty simple :P After this challenge, I'll probably even upload my own go at this challenge and link the contest and everyone's submissions in its description :P

1. You MUST use vi-IV-I-V, and ONLY vi-IV-I-V. You may not substitute any chords; it has to be those four repeating over and over. The only exception is that you can end the piece on a chord other than V :P

2. You MUST write a piano solo. Just trying to put a limit on the instrumentation this time so we can see how everyone does when working with the same instrument (and judges aren't biased by people who have more time on their hands than others and write a massive orchestral work).

3. The piece must be NEWLY COMPOSED. Cause there's a pretty big chance that more than one of you has written one of these piano pieces already :P

4.  Your piece has to be playable. For those that don't play piano - a typical pianist can comfortably reach the interval of a 9th or a 10th, and a typical "large chord" is 4 notes (5-note chords for one hand in piano music exist, but aren't that common).

5. You can write in whatever style you wish. I know I talked about New Age piano pieces, but as long as you use the chord progression I specified, you can write in whatever style you want.

6. Your piece should be around 2 mins long. You will lose a point if your piece is under 1:40 or over 2:20.

7. Modulations and inversions of chords are allowed, but modulations must be spaced at least 16 bars apart so vi-IV-I-V is established (and repeated) in the new key before it changes again.

A bonus point will be awarded to the first submission, but keep in mind that if you rush it, you might lose points in other areas.
A bonus point will also be awarded if you manage to make your piece exactly 2 minutes and 0 seconds. I will be judging this by looking at the time indication on your score description (if it goes even one second over/under, you don't get the point :P)

The winner will have their name and score link in RSA's Hall of Fame, have their profile and winning score linked at the top of this group's description for a month, and have the group banner changed to congratulate them for a month.

The deadline is July 5th. 

If any of you want to be judges, comment below. The first two people who say they want to be judges will get to be judges.

Have fun, guys! And may RSA revive! :D

Copyright infringement... again...

Once again my composition Minnesota has been taken down due to alleged copyright infringement. And once again without any explanation as to what I am supposed to have "stolen". To my knowledge I have written this piece myself from scratch and therefore I'm of course very surprised that someone claims that I've used someone else's work.
The last time this happened I recieved a notification that it was a mistake on your behalf and you even apologized for the mishap.
Is this yet another mistake or is there actually a piece that sounds just like mine?
If there is I would like to know where to find it so I can listen to it. (Maybe someone  has actually stolen my piece of music?)
Best regards
Kalle Edh

Collaborative Symphony

Does anyone want to write a collaborative symphony where we write separate movements but fit within an idea and a theme? HELP STILL WANTED!
Here is how we are going to do it, we will come up with a theme or an opening melody, which will we will have our movements based on. Once completed we will compose our movements, and when we're done, I will put them together and all people who participated will uploaded it with credits given.