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Hey I’m new here and I’m a 14 year old violinist that lives in the state of CT and that is part of the Connecticut orchestra for the New England region, I’ll be willing to help anyone out on pieces of music that is being composed. If you wanna talk then txt me anytime.

Biography [3] Legendian

so this is more of a send off but a biography just the same. thanks again to @OatmealBlonde for doing a terrific job on this.

   Our interview today begins with an ending. John Lavingstony, known best by his iconic fox and the user name Legendian, has announced his eventual departure, ending nearly eight months of involvement in the Musescore community. Musescore News seized the opportunity to interview him for his story...

News: We'll start with some easy questions; what's your favorite color and place to visit?
Legendian: My favorite color is Blue; my favorite place to visit would be the National Red Wood Forest, and Catalina Island.

News: Do you have any interesting facts about yourself or funny stories to share?
Legendian: Something about me that most people don't know, is that I used to sell rocks as a kid (age 8), I'm friend's with Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite), and I'm a pretty close relative to Carrie Fisher.
My most embarrassing moment is when I was in the drive way to Tommy's Burgers, I accidentally shot the paper casing of my straw perfectly at the window receptionist straight through the car window on accident... I'd never seen my friend's face turn that shade of purple in my life. Couldn't even hear him laugh. xDD

News: Okay; now let's hear your Musescore story. Where did you start, and how successful do you see yourself now?
Legendian: I didn’t even know MuseScore existed until December of 2018 when my friend’s sister told me about it and how useful it was to find music created by others. So, I created an account, downloaded songs, then realized I had a natural gift to arrange songs by ear and decided to take things to the next step. Before I knew it, I had gotten 116 followers merely about 5 months later. I would say I’m kinda successful. My followers to score ratio is 116/5 so I’d say those are pretty good stats.

News: Speaking of followers, who are some of your best supporters on Musescore?
Legendian: My first follower was BotW Link and my last follower is Flat2.5. My favorite person on MuseScore would most definitely be “my twin” (Jaybird1). He’s an incredible guy who’s kind and shares the same values as me..... (as well as having the same of pretty much everything else as me. 😂😂😂). He's a great guy and has an amazing talent for arranging and composing (can't wait for you guys to here his compositions)! I also have loved the company of CountryHomes with her enthusiastic, kind, cheerful and comedic personality, Super Goron’s joy and geekiness with BotW, and BotW Link’s ideas and talent. Love it. 😂

News: So why do you think people have followed you, and do you have similar expectations when following other users?
Legendian: What I think makes people follow me is that I try to be kind to everyone. I can relate almost to everyone I’ve talked to on here and I believe that they appreciate that. I’ll follow those I really enjoy talking to more than those who have good scores. To me, scores and talent doesn’t define one’s personality or being, but on how they display themselves despite fame and recognition.

News: You won't be around Musescore for much longer, so how would you like to be remembered?
Legendian: When I leave MuseScore soon, I'd like everyone to remember me as someone who was kind, reassuring, someone who you could always look towards for help, someone you could always have a good time with and know you'd make a friend with afterwards. That's my wish. Most of all, I just hope everyone will remember me. I know I haven't been a member for very long, but I think I'd like that.

And that finished our brief interview with Legendian, the composer, musician, and good friend to many on Musescore. He will be missed, but we also celebrate the new chapter that he's beginning. Fortunately, his profile (
will remain open, allowing more users to find his work. Follow him for a highly anticipated website reveal!
Do you have thoughts or best wishes to share? Join Musescore News and Biographies to comment on this interview and give Legendian a huge send-off! See you in the next edition! @Legendian 


Hi everyone!

Since this group is about learning composition from each other, I feel that it would be great if y'all could introduce yourselves in this group so that we could better learn from each other!

Probably just mention your composition experience/why and what (and how) you compose/instruments you play/hobbies/basically anything

So i'll start...

I recently graduated from high school last year, and I've been composing since around 12 yo. I started composition seriously in high school during my 'A' level music studies. I normally compose in the classical genre, ranging from Baroque to Modern styles, and I'm still in the pursuit to find my distinct aesthetic. Also I play the piano, and clarinet (self-taught), and own a couple of other instruments (including toy instruments) :)

(since i'm admin i shall pin this thread haha)


I'm excited to finally announce our fourth competition!
This time, compose a duet for contrabassoon and piccolo. (I got the idea from a music lecture I watched, and thought it would make for a fun competition theme.)
- All of the notes must be within the respective instruments range
- The total length can be anywhere between 1 and 5 minutes long
- Comment a link to your submission below
- Each user may only submit one entry
- Voting will begin on June 1st, 2019

Have fun! :)