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we've had like 10 different tornado warnings, and this is the first time I've not freaked out, except when two rotations converged directly over my girlfriend's house, goddammit tommorow is the last day of school and this week has been crazy

also, to anyone in Webbers Falls, you're actually stupid and it's your fault if you die, but to anyone who lives there but evacuated, good job, and I'm sorry to break it to you, but your house is gone

what am I even saying anymore, I think all of this has basically broken me lol


Hey everybody!

So I recently uploaded two scores, and I have a piano soundfont that I used for them. It is being used when I listen in Musescore, but when the score is uploaded, the playback uses the default soundfont. Could someone help me out? Thanks.

Intermediate YOUNG cello player looking for music (on Musescore) to play!

Hi everybody!  I have been playing the cello for almost 2 years now and I am in my 
6th grade orchestra. I am looking for music to play but I don't know where to start! Please do not underestimate me, if you have more difficult pieces that are cello solos or duets, I would love to try them! But please, not much shifting If possible (I realized most difficult pieces have shifting)😆>﹏< . That's all I have to say! 

P.S. I love Undertale music!     😁

New here

Hi everyone my name is josh, I’m a 14 year old violinist that is gay and Jewish, I’m in the 8th grade. This Saturday is my bar mitzvah and I heard I’m getting a piano so I can learn Piano finally. I play lacrosse and run cross country and snowboard competitively for USASA in boardercross , slalom and giant slalom. I’m also glad to help anyone who is making music for quartets strings cuz ik a lot of composers don’t understand violin techniques and what we can and can not do.