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Musical Personalities Poll

I have created a poll! From this poll, I'd like to see how many of the 16 MBTI personality types are musicians, the majority of musical personalities, etc.. I would love for you all to fill it out!

So far....

25% are INTP
20% are INFP
20% are INTJ
15% are INFJ
10% are ISTJ
5% are ISFJ
5% are ENFP

Out of these personality types, 60% are introverted while 40% are ambiverted.

^ These results are from 20 responses. I can't wait to see how the percentages change!

EDIT: Thank you, 20th respondent for making this easier to read!! xD


Hey guys, so I got an invite to join this group, so that's cool. I'm Lizante, if you didn't know that already, a random Nintendo otaku who also loves anime. I play viola and will not tolerate any viola jokes unless they're genuinely funny. That's all you need to know, hope we can be friends! ^^

Why Compose In Certain Keys

Hey Everyone!

I'm working on my first few pieces and learning a lot in the process. 

I'm trying to figure out how to pick a key for a song. Is there a general rule of thumb that happy songs are written in certain keys, sad songs fit into others, moody songs fit in the rest.  

How do YOU select the keys for your songs?

Also what resources really helped you when you first started out?

I feel pretty good asking you guys, because I have a lot of respect for the songs that are posted here.

Thanks Guys

Feature request for groups

It would be really nice as an admin, if we had a feature to search users in specific groups we admim. Maybe if there was a search bar on the members page or something.
This would be extremely useful though. I’ve been trying to clear spammers (weddings and such) In huge groups like Video Gamers, and Short Pieces For Piano.
If we could search a user, and then have the option to remove them or make them admin, that would be great. Because I’ve been really tired of just scrolling though page after page to hopefully find an account I’m looking for.