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This is creepy

We have this new neighbor who is creepy stalker type. He has this towel hanging down over a window and watches my brothers and their friends and takes photos when they are playing together. So I mow my grandparents lawn today (they live on our street) and I see the towel over the window, and although I can't see anything I get the strangest feeling I'm being watched....

MuseScore Android doesn't show bottom toolbar

Tapping into the score toggles the toolbars. On my phone toolbars are shown on top and bottom of the screen. On my tablet the bottom toolbar with the transpose button is missing, the top toolbar is shown.
Musecore Android version is the latest 2.2.6. I had a  V 2.2.6 before with a different behaviour.
For screenshots see here:

I reported the same issue before for previous versions:

MuseScore Android 2.3.3 doesn't open offline files

I bought Songbook before but MuseScore 2.3.3 doesn't reliably open offline files. In rare cases (1 out of 5 to 10 cases) it works. I cannot reproduce when it works and when not. I tried
- MuseScore already open or not
- being logged in or not
This had worked better (but not really good) in previous versions
I'm losing my motivation for testing and reporting errors because nobody seems to care and the app is getting worse and worse.