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Should I quit music?

hey there, im drsooz. im what i would proclaim to be uncreative and untalented. i've been trying this music thing for a long time now, but i'm just now getting anywhere. im horrible at playing instruments and i seem to be horrible at creating music (i mean seriously - just look at what ive created. it sucks). ive been trying so hard at it for so long but im not getting anywhere, and faced with the works of the greats such as rachmaninoff, tchaikovsky, and others it feels like anything i write or play is pointless. should i stop this whole musical charade? its not going to ever benefit me. im just not talented enough. i've realized that ill never have the performance or composition ability of those around me


Some changes are in effect for making this group better, and more rewarding for our competitors and winners!

1. We will be providing feed back for each score instead of only 1st place winner to specify strengths and weaknesses in your scores for future reference. 

2. We will be keeping a list of JAY and JOHN'S CHALLENGES' winners in a separate discussion as a "WALL OF FAME" for recognition of first place winners, and as motivation for competitors.

Also Jay and I are reviewing your scores to decide the final winner this Saturday! And trust me when I say, it's not an easy decision. xD Thanks everyone!

-John & Jay


After careful consideration, I have decided that I am going to leave Musescore. If you saw the post I made a few weeks ago, you would know that I have a lot of stuff going on in my life at the moment. I feel like Musescore is just not the place for me at the current time.. I will come on Musescore and check what is happening every few months, but I will not be active anymore. I might be more active once I get my life sorted out (maybe mid-summer).

Thank you all for the great almost-year I had here!