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New here

Here guys , I guess I’m new here so let me introduce my self, my name is Joshua I prefer josh, I’m a 14 year old violinist and I started in 6th grade, I’m currently in 8th grade and going to be freshman on June 12 2019, I’m a gay and Jewish and proud of it, I play lacrosse, run country, and snowboard competivly In snowboard cross, slalom and giant slalom. I’m also disabled in speech cuz I have a bad lisp. I live in the state of CT and I love meeting new people, so if y’all are bored txt me anytime

Biography [3] Rebeccca Y

due to some unforeseen circumstances all the biographies got deleted so if you happen to have a copy of the other ones please let me know. [even if you know what was written and would like to write them out please let me know]

Unless you live under a rock (and that’s unlikely; you’d need to have pretty good wifi), you’ve probably seen Rebecca Y’s activity on Musescore. A member since 2017, Rebecca has composed and arranged numerous pieces but is, perhaps, best known for founding and moderating “Randomly Screwing Around”, a chat group for, well, just that. Recently Musescore News had the pleasure of interviewing her…

News: You're one of Musescore's top users; let's hear your success story.
Rebecca: I was an active user from the start when I made my account. I was always commenting in groups, making discussions, and commenting on other people's scores. So people saw me around a lot. And then 6 months after I joined Musescore, I made RSA, which became a huge hit (so I posted a bunch of comments in there as well). Chatting with people here is fun! But it's not just the followers/comments/RSA/etc; if I never joined this site I never would’ve been able to develop the way I did in composition. Since joining the site, the rate I was developing at composing increased drastically, since I was able to get inspiration from other composers on here and receive feedback. And all the support from everyone just made everything even better.

News: So who are some of your devoted followers, and why, in your opinion, do they follow you?
Rebecca: probably mnmwert, lizzapie, Keno, lareinedeslapins, CrazyClique, Mr. Peabody, Skylighter, Ethan Toavs, and miscellaneous02. Ruby Liz (Cl4rin3t) and Celthyan used to be really active followers of mine as well and were probably the first two people I actually got to know better and chat regularly with on here (though not anymore - this was a while ago, and both of them aren't very active anymore other than to post scores). But Ruby still comes back when she's active so I still consider her one of my devoted followers. :P My first follower is Clara Ungerer, who followed me 12 days after I joined. And my most recent one is migamic, who followed me about 8 minutes ago xD I think people follow me because a) we’re good friends on Musescore, or b) they like my music; though I really hope people follow me because they can draw inspiration from my compositions, which is one of my primary goals when composing.

News: On the flip side, what do you look for before following another user? Is there a checklist, for example?
Rebecca: I don't follow a lot of people, but when I do it's when I genuinely look forward to each and every upload and like having their uploads in my notifs. This usually happens when a) they're a really good friend of mine and I'm eager to see all their stuff or b) they're a mind-blowing composer.

News: Okay, this one is optional, but do you have a favorite person on Musescore?
Rebecca: idk, kinda hard to pick a favourite.

News: Let's hear one fact about you that most people don't know...
Rebecca:  I was initially hesitant on making RSA because there was already a chat group called the Discussion Group. In fact, I wanted to make RSA the second I got kicked off discord, but actually ended up deciding AGAINST it. And then the next day I was like wouldn't hurt so why not xD Turns out that was a good decision :P

News: We'll end on a light note; what's your favorite color, dream place to visit, hobbies other than music?
Rebecca: Probably blue or purple, Six Flags xDDD (I've heard about a lot of the scary rides and I really wanna go!) I really like psychology . I spend a lot of time watching psych documentaries and stuff and reading articles about it.

That concluded our interview with Rebecca Y, composer, arranger, and founder of RSA, one of Musescore's most popular groups. You can check out her work here (,
and if you haven't already, please join Musescore News and Biographies to stay up to date on the latest in the Musescore world. See you in the next edition!

a very big thanks to @OatmealBlonde for writing this in the first place and then being able to find it again.

Current state of film music

Hello guys!
I wanted to talk about this topic for some while so I decided to write this
Nowadyas it seems like most big movies copy the Hans Zimmer style of epic brass, string ostinatos, war drums and pretty simple colour and harmony
Of course it sounds great and makes for good film scores but I feel like that symphonic style of hollywood scores, that made classics like Star Wars or pretty much every Sergio Leone film the giants they are now, is fading away
My favorite film composer is John Williams and I love his scores, not only because they sound great but also because his pieces use the orchestra to it´s limits
This is something modern film scores are kind of lacking
At least that´s my personal experience so I could be wrong about everything^^
Please let me know what you think!