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New here

Here guys , I guess I’m new here so let me introduce my self, my name is Joshua I prefer josh, I’m a 14 year old violinist and I started in 6th grade, I’m currently in 8th grade and going to be freshman on June 12 2019, I’m a gay and Jewish and proud of it, I play lacrosse, run country, and snowboard competivly In snowboard cross, slalom and giant slalom. I’m also disabled in speech cuz I have a bad lisp. I live in the state of CT and I love meeting new people, so if y’all are bored txt me anytime

Composer Needed for Superhero Theme Song

Hello. I'm looking for someone who can compose a theme for a superhero. I'd do it myself, but I absolutely suck at writing melody. I can write a good percussion track, but I'm musically useless past that. I'd like it to sound like a mix of orchestra and rock. The hero himself is the kind of guy who sucks at his job, but can still get it done, so people are still happy to see him because he's at least better than nothing and it's entertaining watching him get his a** kicked in the process because he's such an idiot. He has no real powers; just some cheap props he made out of random objects with overly grand names (example: make a lasso out of multi-colored yarn and call it The Rainbow Rope of Awesome Justice.) In that regard, one could say he's like Batman if Bruce Wayne was a working-class idiot instead of a billionaire detective.
With this in mind, I'm thinking it should sound kind of kick-a** while also sounding a bit silly.

Scores crash page within 10 seconds but only on mobile, works fine on desktop. Similar scores work perfectly.

These are the most recent of a series of pep band music, the 8th and 9th respectively. Every single one has worked until these two, which reload the page automatically within 10 seconds. It tries to load it again before giving up. The playback works correctly until the page reloads. This only happens on mobile, but on my desktop there are no problems. Is there any reason why this may be happening? There’s nothing setting these apart from the other arrangements and I’ve tried polishing up the files and reuploading. Any help would be appreciated.

MuseScore 2.1
Apple OS 12.1.4 (on multiple devices, untested on android)
El Capitan for my desktop

New Admin in town!

The mathematician Daniel Bump, who started this group over seven years ago, has made me an admin of it.  I have been active in this group for over four years now, as a composer, arranger, and, increasingly importantly to me and others, a sharer of my many decades of experience with and knowledge of traditional counterpoint and contrapuntal music, both in tutorials and analyses published here (see “Tutorials” set in my profile) and score comments (often requested, and usually appreciated).

Dan has (understandably) not had time to follow and supervise this group over the last few years.  I hope to monitor and maintain the discussion board, e.g., removing posts that are inappropriate (e.g., “please look at my work”, which can be achieved just by posting the work), spam, and widely-cross-posted work that bears no particular relevance to the group topic, and in so doing maximize the usefulness of the discussion board as  a resource.

I have viewed this group as a place where people can post, as Dan says, works by masters of counterpoint such as Bach and Palestrina (although if the scores have errors and the person posting is not responsive to notice of them….), and your own contrapuntal compositions, as he said, even unfinished works, if you want comments by other musicians.   If your works are mind-bogglingly terrific, they will speak for themselves.  Otherwise, expect reactions by others of both great and little knowledge and experience.  This is not an arena to collect applause, but, hopefully, a place to  share and learn.

Counterpoint is not a “style” or “genre” like Reggae, Celtic Ballads, or Bebop Jazz (but even those have their parameters, means, and corpora), or even “Baroque”, but a discipline about which great books and papers and course have been  and continue to be written (and I hope to maintain useful bibliographies and linkaries) and in which, although models  and parameters vary over the last 500 years, (at any era) there are very definite “rules” and “right and wrong”, just as with the grammar of a language, the rules of artistic perspective, or classical rhetoric. Any work with more than one voice (and even some in one voice!) exhibits  counterpoint, whether you intended it or not, which can thus be good or bad in reference the stylistic models of any era.  “Hey, I used some counterpoint!” (as in several early Beatles songs) is not so interesting.

Fugue is an extraordinarily complicated business, with a vast literature, and an exercise traditionally undertaken only by those who have achieved significant skill in counterpoint.  I will not say more about it right now.

There are (and hopefully will be) a number of regulars here with enough knowledge of, and skill in, this area to teach a course, including some who actually do (although employed teachers, performers, and scholars rarely have the time for this).  We are a resource for those who wish to learn and have their efforts analyzed and commented on.   For those not eager for honest commentary, just write, “No comments, please!” on your scores.   This is not a venue for unconditional, assured applause (either for compositions, presentations of scores of repertoire, or arrangements) or emotional support. This is a score-posting group, not a social media chat room.   Posts to the discussion board, including questions, should be considered by you with the question, “Will this be useful to others wishing to know more about counterpoint?”  Inappropriate posts will be removed.

I hope that this group and forum will continue to be, and more and more become, a showcase of quality contrapuntal compositions by masters old and new, and resources and texts old and new, as well as a place where those eager to learn more about counterpoint will feel both welcome and able to do so.

Bernard Greenberg (@BSG) 10 May 2019

When creating a YouTube Video from score, extra text is added to the end of the description

When creating a YouTube Video from score, the text: " [Piano Tutorial + Sheet music]" is added to the end of the description forcing an extra editing step to remove the superfluous text.

Of more concern is that the text is also embedded in the Video main title and cannot be edited


You Tube, Chrome, and MuseScore

In response to a bug report of mine yesterday about what seems to have been a temporary problem, DanielR (his name doesn't at-sign complete) informed me that Chrome and/or YouTube (both Google products) have implemented a policy change that refuses to embed YouTube videos, which is the present MuseScore technology for coupling score playbacks to sounds produced by other means (e.g., advanced DAW's, Virtual Pipe Organs).  If that's, as Cronkite used to say "the way it is" forever, this is a massive setback.  Not so much for contributors to this site like myself, but for visitors directed to it who will have no idea what's going on when a carefully-produced score refuses to play. I have verified that a YT score which works in FF just hangs in Chrome.

If the report is accurate
, two courses of action present themselves. First, the site page scripting should detect this, and not offer the player bar, but instead, substitute a box saying "You-Tube backed score cannot be played on Google Chrome. Please use a different browser."

Secondly, the policy of prohibiting the MP3 upload connection of arbitrary, non-MS-produced sound to score playback needs reassessment in light of this development.  "Scores with good sound can't be played on Chrome" is a horrific state of affairs.  Is that true for Google Android as well?

This seems to be Google saying "You can't use YT content this way, at least as long as we have anything to say about it", and i wonder when the other shoe will drop and you won't be able to embed YT content at all, in any browser. If the report is accurate, YouTube is no longer a viable solution to pairing MuseScore with more capable performance engines.

Persiapan Travelling ke Luar Negeri Bagi Pemula

in Digital

Ada banyak pilihan obyek wisata menarik yang bisa Anda kunjungi di Indonesia. Namun tidak bisa dipungkiri jika seandainya banyak juga tentunya diantara Anda yang menginginkan suasana baru, wisata ke negara asing dengan budaya dan juga bahasa yang berbeda. Maka sekali-kali tidak ada salahnya juga jika memang ingin travelling ke luar negeri. Namun tetap harus menyesuaikan dengan budget yang dimiliki, mengingat untuk berwisata kesana juga membutuhkan biaya yang agak mahal, dibandingkan dengan wisata dalam negeri.
Satu hal lainnya yang patut untuk diketahui adalah ada banyak sekali hal-hal yang paling tidak juga harus Anda persiapkan jika ingin wisata luar negeri, karena memang tidak semudah yang dibayangkan, diantaranya adalah:
1. Miliki dokumen-dokumen penting seperti paspor dan juga visa, untuk menginjakkan kaki Anda di negara orang memang tidak bisa sembarangan, paling tidak harus memiliki dokumen wajib yang satu ini. Semua negara mewajibkan untuk memiliki paspor, namun untuk visa sendiri tidak, untuk negara-negara tetangga seperti diantaranya adalah Malaysia ataupun Singapura, maka Anda bisa berwisata kesana hanya bermodal paspor saja.

2. Sebaiknya jauh-jauh hari dalam berburu tiket perjalanan, mengapa demikian? Karena ada banyak sekali diantara maskapai penerbangan yang agaknya menawarkan harga promo untuk perjalanan ke negara tersebut, bahkan nominalnya juga tidak tanggung-tanggung, sehingga apa salahnya mulai berburu promo dari sekarang.

3. Pastikan sudah membuat jadwal perjalanan sedetail mungkin, ini adalah hal sepele namun sangat penting dan sering kali dilupakan, karena Anda belum pernah kesana sebelumnya, maka untuk menghemat waktu dan juga budget, maka ada baiknya jadwal disusun serapi mungkin. Jika perlu perbanyak informasi dari orang-orang lain yang sudah pernah melakukan kunjungan wisata ke negara tersebut sebelumnya.

4. Siapkan juga mata uang negara tersebut, jangan lupa untuk menukarkan mata uang rupiah dengan mata uang yang berlaku di negara tersebut, sehingga nantinya Anda tidak akan kebingungan di dalam membeli berbagai macam kebutuhan aau ingin naik angkutan umum selama wisata luar negeri.

5. Siapkan internet luar negeri dan juga kartu untuk naik angkutan umum atau sarana transportasi disana, ini sangatlah penting, sehingga selama berada di negara tersebut Anda tetap bisa lancar berkomunikasi, juga transportasi lebih terjamin dan kian aman.

6. Pesan juga hotel atau penginapan sebagai rujukan atau tempat tujuan Anda selama berada disana, sehingga turun dari pesawat nantinya bisa langsung datang ke hotel untuk istirahat sejenak dan menaruh semua barang bawaan yang dimiliki sebelum melakukan perjalanan. Ada banyak juga tawaran akomodasi murah jika Anda berburu mulai dari sekarang.
Terapkan 6 hal di atas untuk wisata ke luar negeri yang kian menyenangkan.


Alasan Kenapa Popok Dewasa Itu Penting untuk Disiapkan

in Digital

Penggunaan popok sekarang ini bukan hanya pada bayi atau balita saja, tetapi untuk orang dewasa juga memerlukan. Banyak sekali persoalan kesehatan yang menyebabkan kaum lansia atau dewasa sangat perlu sekali menyiapkan popok dewasa untuk memberikan kemudahan. Bagi dunia kedokteran tentu hal-hal seperti itu sudah sangat umum sekali. Tetapi untuk orang yang masih sangat awam pasti akan merasa risih atau merasa tidak nyaman ketika menggunakan popok di usia yang sudah lanjut. Lalu, bagaimana dengan Anda?
Banyak sekali gangguan kesehatan yang mengharuskan seseorang menggunakan popok, seperti salah satunya penurunan tingkat pengontrolan kandung kemih. Karena dengan melakukan kegiatan akan sangat mengganggu sekali, tidak jarang orang mempercayakan pada penggunaan popok bagi orang dewasa. Bisa dikatakan memang penggunaan tersebut menjadi salah satu solusi yang paling tepat sekali selain dari dunia kedokteran. Ada beberapa alasan yang menjadikan penggunaan popok untuk orang dewasa itu sangat tepat seperti:

1. Kualitas hidup yang lebih terjaga.
Ini merupakan alasan pertama yang dapat Anda percayai, karena tidak sedikit orang dewasa yang masih aktif melakukan sosialisasi, interaksi, kegiatan yang membuat semuanya harus lebih praktis. Jika memang pengontrolan urine sulit dilakukan, secara otomatis akan sangat mengganggu sekali semua kegiatan yang sedang dikerjakan tersebut. Kualitas hidup para orang dewasa akan lebih terjaga dengan menggunakan popok tersebut.

2. Menjaga kesehatan intim.
Banyak yang mengeluhkan penggunaan popok dewasa itu sangat risih karena merasa pada daerah intim sangat lembab sekali. Padahal hal itu sangat salah besar, karena banyak produk atau merk popok yang memberikan kualitas terbaik sehingga tetap nyaman digunakan kapan saja dan dimana saja tanpa merusak bagian kulit.

3. Lebih nyaman beraktivitas.
Tidak berbeda jauh dengan sebelumnya, banyaknya kegiatan diluar rumah membuat para orang dewasa lebih nyaman ketika menggunakan popok dari pada harus bolak-balik kamar mandi hanya untuk sekedar buang air kecil yang sulit sekali untuk dikontrol. Jadi dengan menggunakan tersebut, aktivitas yang membutuhkan waktu lampau akan tetap nyaman.

4. Mencegah masalah kesehatan lainnya.
Selain kepraktisan yang Anda dapatkan, menggunakan popok bagi orang dewasa itu juga dapat membantu menjaga kesehatan bagian organ intim. Karena organ sangat rentan sekali terkena bakteri, jadi akan lebih aman ketika menggunakan popok apalagi jika kebersihan dan penggantian rutin.
Nah, itulah beberapa hal yang menjadi alasan kenapa adanya popok bagi orang dewasa itu mempunyai peran yang cukup penting. Disini bagi yang belum terbiasa mungkin akan sangat risih dan tidak nyaman, tetapi itu semuanya bisa Anda cari solusi dengan memilih popok dewasa yang memang berkualitas bagus, baik dari penyerapan, ketahanan, elastisitas, sampai dengan harga yang ramah di kantong. Jadi bagaimana, masih memilih untuk bolak-balik ke toilet dari pada menggunakan popok orang dewasa?


Newbie composer, how's my piece?

I'm fairly new to writing music so I'm not the best at it lol. I also use odd annotations because the software does not show the full effect (e.g adding individual dynamics instead of crescendos). I don't keep in mind presentation as I'm not really concerned about that. I'm not done with the piece even though it's pretty long. I'm open to constructive criticism. Hope you guys like it!