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Delete Conversation Feature

I realize that the messaging (PM) is simply a beta version right now, so now is a great time to suggest the enabling of each user to delete conversations with other users.  This would be especially useful when conversations become outdated, unwanted, or when the other person deletes their account.  When a conversation is over, one should have the ability to choose whether or not to keep it around as useless clutter, also making other conversations slightly harder to keep track of.  This would be the number one improvement for me right now as a regular user.

Funniest thing from a Sonic askblog

Rouge: OmegaXMaster asks: Tails, what did you like most about cosmo besides the looks department?

Tails: *gasp* NO! *falls over*

Rouge: *laughing* Oh my gosh, Tails are you ok?

Shadow: She was a recolor-

Tails: *butts in* YOU'RE A RECOLOR!!

Shadow: *gasp*

Sonic: OOOOHHHHH! *falls into laughter with Rouge*

Knuckles: Wow. Destroyed!

Tails: Tell me I'm wrong!

Shadow: Who am I?

Everyone: *laughing*

(link: at 7:31)