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What Are Your Pet Peeves?

I'm a human (Or am I, LOL), and I get ticked off sometimes. Especially when someone does something, and I just can't take it. What are some of your pet peeves? For example, I hate it when like, people have like a jumbo kit kat or something, and instead of splitting with the people they have to share it with, they take a big bite from the top. Like, Kit Kats are meant to be split! I don't get it. It just ticks me off, because I can't eat it. What are y'all pet peeves?


Welcome everyone. Thanks in advance for joining this group.

What I want to do is to interview some of the top users on Musescore and find out more about them General facts on why they think they have so many followers and what they think makes people want to follow them. Second, I want to interview people that don't hardly get recognition.

And third, I want to report the basic news on Musescore. This would include scammers, weird emails, people leaving, etc... if you have any information like that you can preferably let me know via Musescore messaging system.

I plan to do I biography a least once every two weeks. You can ask me to do one on you but, that doesn't mean I will choose you.

My dream is to have this group big enough that anyone can come on and find out anything that's going on. So if you would hit that join button and become a member, now.


I've recently been playing a lotta video game and classic anime songs from Studio Ghibli, but I'm kinda blank right now. Do you know any anime/video game songs able to be played by a 5-6 AMEB grade piano player? Thanks a lot~~
Also, I'm happy to talk about any of the music from the following:\
Video games:
-Splatoon 2
-Others im not bothered to mention lol~~
-Shokugeki no Soma(food wars)
-Studio Ghibli movies in general(I've watched most of them)
-Other's im also not bothered to mention haha
Anyways, I hope I can make some friends here! I'm pretty new, but I hope I'll fit in like a puzzle piece :3

Want to role play

Since this group is for talking and role playing, I figured I should start it. When posting make sure to post as a comment and not a reply. Please do not go overboard or post anything not 18+ or any weird romantic stuff unless it’s contributing to overall story *cough* musicfox *cough*

Here’s the start. It’s in a tavern in some fantasy medieval village. A few people are having a drink of rum or something.

I’ll be the guy who works at the place. You start.