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Who likes this epic one word at a time story?

   Once there was your mama. Ye, then yo mama kild a neighbor's horse. Then she decided that butchering humans was not fun enough, so she decides to kill lemons. The lemons aren't dumb, so they decide to kill lemons. The lemons aren't dumb, so they decide to kill and torture yo bananas! Yo mama wanted to avenge the loss of yo bananas. She created the Avengers, and kills the beans. The beans are now extinct on planet Earth. So are yo bananas. Yo mama is mourning them. 
The End...
... of yo mama
I know it's nonsense.
In collaboration with @ImSoSaxy .

Current state of film music

Hello guys!
I wanted to talk about this topic for some while so I decided to write this
Nowadyas it seems like most big movies copy the Hans Zimmer style of epic brass, string ostinatos, war drums and pretty simple colour and harmony
Of course it sounds great and makes for good film scores but I feel like that symphonic style of hollywood scores, that made classics like Star Wars or pretty much every Sergio Leone film the giants they are now, is fading away
My favorite film composer is John Williams and I love his scores, not only because they sound great but also because his pieces use the orchestra to it´s limits
This is something modern film scores are kind of lacking
At least that´s my personal experience so I could be wrong about everything^^
Please let me know what you think!