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My sonnet

I had to write a sonnet for English. Here it is.
When certain men come to a loss for words,
They turn to music as a medium
To show all other men with lovely chords
Magnificent artists they have become.

Their pens are mightier than swords and lead
Great regiments of skillful soldiers
To capture hearts and make men’s souls to bleed
With melodies that grow not moldier.

The music they write will not fade away
Like buildings burn’d or destroyed by time
But thrive in our cultures down to this day
Rob’d in the splendour giv’n to music prime.

But this art still decays as poets take o’er
With men believing artists will but bore.

WALL OF FAME: The Mini Challenges!

December (Testing out first challenge)
Objective: Write a short story
Winner: Botw Link 

His Story:
"Fallout: Salt Lake Republic Prologue War. War never changes. In April of 2052, the world went into major chaos. It was war that lead the European Commonwealth into destruction. It lead China into invading Alaska. It lead the U.S. into annexing Canada and Mexico. It wasn't until 2077 when the bombs were dropped, and all that remained of the world was cinders. Many people survived in the underground vaults by Vault-Tec, but others weren't so lucky. Many in Southwestern Colorado survived in Vault 62. They began to work to reclaim the nation when it was time. Life in the vault is about to change. 


THE WINNER IS @P.Nicolaou! In the creation of the first prize winning score of the March Challenge: "Wattle Bloom" CONGRATULATIONS!!! 

Great score! You really captured that Spring feeling! The elegance, energy and integrated feelings of joy and happiness really struck a cord in me. GREAT JOB! Looking forward to seeing more from you!

A truly outstanding piece that captured the joyous emotions of springtime. The harp is amazing, I love it. You really captured an adventurous feel with this song. Congratulations on 1st place! I'm excited to see more from you! Keep up the phenomenal work!